Marcy TC 2000

Marcy TC-2000 Pull & Dip Station Power Tower

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The Marcy TC-2000 Pull up and Dip Station Power Tower is a piece of workout equipment that has been specifically designed to cope with the motion of the pull up and dip exercises, which means it is a lot more stable compared to some other pieces of equipment where the pull up bar is an added extra.

Being custom designed for these two main exercises ensures the power tower is stable enough not to shake or wobble when in use, even when performing pull ups and dips with a weighted belt and weight plate attached.

The pull up bar is on the opposite side to the dip station which not only gives you more room for each exercise, but also helps in keeping the weight distribution on each side more even and prevent unwanted movement when in use.

It’s worth bearing in mind the height of the Marcy TC-2000 pull up and dip station as at around 220cm in height, plus some for if you are performing pull ups and your head reaches above the top of the tower, it’s best to check that the room you are looking to set this up in either in a commercial gym or at home has a high enough ceiling so you don’t have to worry about hitting your head during pull ups.


Extra features of the Marcy TC-2000 Pull & Dip Station

As well as the usual pull up bar and dipping bars normally found on similar workout equipment, Marcy have also designed the TC-2000 pull up and dip station to have a padded back rest and arm rest section. This means you can rest your arms on the pads with your back against the rest and perform leg raises and twisting leg raises, which helps to work your abdominal and oblique muscles and help strengthen your core.

There are also two small handles built into the base of the frame on the pull up bar side that are raised off the ground enough to allow you to perform push ups and further build the strength in your triceps, chest and shoulders after performing your dips.


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Marcy TC-2000 Pull & Dip Station – Features Summary



  • Traditional no nonsense exercises deliver proven results
  • Multi position fitness system | Comfortable no slip foam grips
  • Deluxe boxed and trimmed upholstery | Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction for durability
  • Pull-ups & chin ups, dips, press ups, knee & leg raises | Ideal for increasing natural upper body strength and muscle mass in your chest, arms, back, shoulders and abs
  • Dimensions: Height: 220cm x Width: 120cm x Length: 137cm | Maximum User Weight Capacity: 136kg / 300lbs / 21.4 Stone




The Marcy TC2000 Power Tower is a superb home gym for increasing muscle mass and natural strength in your upper body muscle groups, rigorously train your chest and triceps with dips and press ups, your back and biceps with pull ups and chin ups and your core with knee raises.

This versatile frame is completely forward facing to reduce space requirements but the steel frame construction maintains a stable, durable feel for safe and secure bodyweight training at home. Notice how you strength increases throughout your entire weight training programme when you implement this multi gym into your home workout.


Key Features of the Marcy TC-2000 Pull & Dip Station

  • 21.4 Stone User Weight Capacity
  • Pull Up Bar with foam grip centre bar for chin ups
  • Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction for durability
  • Comfortable no slip foam grips


Exercises Available

  • Pull ups for lats and back
  • Chin ups for biceps, lats and back
  • Dips for chest, triceps and front deltoid (shoulders)
  • Press ups for chest and triceps
  • Leg/Knee raises for low abdominals



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