Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation

Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation

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The Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation has been designed for anyone limited on space, but still wants an exercise machine that offers a large number of exercises, with a flexible weight stack and both a high and low cable pulley.


Frame design and adjusting the weight resistance

The Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation is one of the few lat pulldown machines that gives you the opportunity to use weight plates to increase and decrease the resistance.

[one_half]It is often the case that you will already have a set of free weights at home. By providing you with the main workstation frame without a weight stack this not only cuts down on product weight but also price.

The initial weight plate pegs will fit standard 1″ hole diameter weight plates, while there are also covers to slide over the pegs if you want to use weight plates with the larger hole diameter.

There are two main vertical support bars. One to act as a rail that the weight plate resistance slides up and down, with the other designed to provide support and stop the pulldown from leaning or wobbling when in use.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Weight peg covers mean you can use weight plates with a 1[/one_half_last]


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[one_half_last]Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation[/one_half_last]


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Max Fitness Lat Pulldown Workstation – Features Summary



  • Ideal for basic or advanced workouts
  • Suits all standard 1″ hole diameter weights
  • Complete workout in a small space
  • Padded bench for comfortable training
  • Cable and bar for pull downs
  • Cable and bar for rowing style exercises
  • Max total load: 180kg




Exercises using the high cable pulley

With a maximum total load of 180kg, this provides you with a lot more weight than your normal multi gym. On average most multi gyms that have a chest press and lat pulldown station will only have a weight stack with around 70kg of resistance.

The section of the frame that extends over the seat helps to position the high cable pulley directly over you. This means you are in the perfect position for either performing behind the neck pulldowns or pulldowns in front of you, depending on if you want to focus on your rear delts or your lats.

The padded leg rollers are also useful with this higher weight resistance limit. By sliding your knees under before starting the exercise, this prevents you being lifted out of the seat, instead maintaining the focus on your back muscles.


Low cable exercises

[one_half]Underneath the padded and adjustable seat there is also a low cable pulley, which is positioned directly underneath the high pulley.

This is for the cable to pass through when you want to perform exercises such as bicep curls, cable rows or even side lateral raises for shoulders if you were to buy an additional cable attachment.

Because the cable is passing through an additional pulley, this will actually add to the maximum of 180kg resistance from weight plates. This makes it perfect for exercises requiring more weight such as shrugs.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The low cable pulley is perfectly positioned for exercises such as shrugs and bicep curls[/one_half_last]




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