Maxivest Weighted Adjustable Vest

Maxivest Weighted Adjustable Vest 30kg

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The Maxivest Weighted Adjustable Vest a product that is worn by athletes and people who need to train with a heavier bodyweight when running, performing bodyweight exercises or training for sports. By adding weight evenly around your chest this is the most even way to add bodyweight while not causing you to run off balance or become uncomfortable.

This is a similar idea to when you see people power walking with dumbbells on the treadmill, but with the added benefit of keeping your hands and arms free.

Although the Maxivest weighted vest is designed to be worn over the top of a regular training top as a way of adding bodyweight, this particular design is so slim and unobtrusive that you could even wear it under a t-shirt or hooded top in the winter even when in casual environments.


Benefits of wearing the Maxivest Weighted Adjustable Vest

There are many benefits of wearing weighted clothing such as the Maxivest such as helping you to build more muscle and burn more calories even when performing your normal day to day activities if you chose to.

As well as the expected resistance caused by gravity acting on your increased bodyweight, you are also forced to use more effort when lifting your leg to step forwards or run, as well as spend a little more effort in focussing on bringing your foot down when stepping forward to prevent injury and perform the movement safely.


Benefits to playing sports

If you take part in a sport such as rugby or football that requires a lot of explosive sprinting movements then wearing the Maxivest weighted vest is a great way to increase your agility and quickness. When you are training with this on a regular basis, your body will adapt to the heavier weight, making you much faster at both running forward and more agile at changing direction quickly when that weight is taken away.

As well as these more traditional sports, if you’re interested in sports like boxing, MMA, wrestling or even Brazilian jiu-jitsu you can also benefit from training with this additional bodyweight. After a few training sessions wearing the Maxivest, when you train without it you will react quicker and be able to get up off the ground quicker thanks to the added core strength you built up during the training sessions you were wearing the weighted vest.


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Maxivest Weighted Adjustable Vest 30kg – Features Summary



  • Removable weight vest blocks (1kg each) to adjust weight in seconds
  • One size fits all – no sizes to grow out of
  • Webbing pockets for maximum durability
  • Durable moisture-resistant materials, will not stretch or sag
  • New Pro Version Maxivest includes D rings




Weight adjustments and bodyweight exercises

The Maxivest Weighted vest is also fully adjustable in the amount of added body weight you need. There are 1kg blocks that slide inside small pockets on the vest and can be added or removed very quickly.

Of course, the weighted vest is also a great addition to many weight training movements that rely on your bodyweight for the stress on the muscles. Push ups, pull ups, dips and lunges are all exercises that will benefit from the Maxivest and mean that you don’t have to worry about a pull up or dip belt until you can comfortably perform many reps with the additional 30kg bodyweight.


No limitation on movements

Because of the way the Maxivest weighted vest has been designed, with just a thin strap that wraps around near your waist and clips together at the front, you still have total freedom of movement. Unlike some weighted vests that have fabric that wraps around your sides or over your shoulders, the Maxivest leaves your arms and shoulders free to perform pull ups and dips without restricting your range of motion.

The individual weight blocks having a little space between each also means the front and back of the vest will flex and fit to your body shape. To prevent any discomfort from having the 30kg of weight pressing down on your shoulders, the shoulder pads have additional padding underneath to provide extra comfort.



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