Multi Gym

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£: £0 – £200
££: £300 – £500
£££: £500 – £1000
££££: £1000+

Product Name (click link for full review article)Product DescriptionProduct Weight (kg)Weight Limit (kg)Price Range
Marcy MP2500 Multi GymMarcy MP2500 Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • 45kg Vinyl Weight Stack with Shrouds. Maximum Resistance: 86kg

  • Adjustable Height Seat. Dual Function Press Arm. Oversized Roller Pads on leg developer

  • Independent Motion Pec Fly Arms. Low Pulley Station. 2000lb Tensile Strength Aircraft Cable System

Everlast EV800 Home Gym with Preacher PadEverlast EV800 Home Gym with Preacher Pad[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Weight Stack: 50kg providing 50kg maximum resistance | Weight plate intervals consist of 7 x 4.5kg/10lbs and 2 x 6.8kg/15lbs

  • Bench press, Lat Pulldown, Chest Fly, Ab Crunch, Seated Row, Tricep Pushdown & many more...

  • Vinyl weight stack | Single ratio cable pulley system

FINNLO BIO-FORCE Multi GymFINNLO BIO-FORCE Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • The Outstanding FINNLO BIO FORCE is a Revolutionary Award Winning Design

  • Used & Recommended by Pro Athletes. As Supplied to the EUROPEAN ASTRONAUT CENTRE

  • No weight blocks means easier transport, construction and quieter workouts

  • Go from 5kg to 100Kg in 1Kg Steps in Seconds Without getting off the machine

FINNLO Autark 2500 Multi GymFINNLO Autark 2500 Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • The continuous development of FINNLO product technology gives our customer the safety in knowledge that the FINNLO brand is one of the best in the world when it comes to healthy training

  • Weight block 80Kg (16 plates at 5Kg)

  • 100Kg upgrade available

  • Ergonomically formed leg press

Everlast Home Gym with Pull Up and Dip Station – 75kg Weight StackEverlast Home Gym with Pull Up and Dip Station[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Weight stack 75kg providing 75kg maximum resistance | Vinyl weight stack | Single ratio cable pulley system

  • Bench press | Butterfly press | Pec dec | Pull-up & Dip Tower | Leg extension | Low rowing

  • Ideal for starters, intermediates and advanced users

Tunturi Platinum 4-In-1 Strength Station Multi GymTunturi Platinum 4-In-1 Strength Station Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Each weight stack weighs 90kg

  • Multiple persons can use it at once | Easy to adjust positions

  • Use for professional training or rehabilitation | Versatile options to train your entire body

  • Modular muscle station for more than 100 exercises

Marcy MP1105 Multi Gym With 57kg StackMarcy MP1105 Multi Gym With 57kg Stack[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • 50kg vinyl selectorized weight stack produces up to 57kg resistance | Dual function press arm achieves all pressing exercises (bench, incline, shoulder) along with pec fly exercises

  • Oversized roller pads on leg developer with proper pivot point for correct muscle isolation

  • Includes lat bar, shiver bar, and ankle strap

FINNLO Autark 600 Multi GymFINNLO Autark 600 Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Weight block 80Kg (16 plates @5Kg)

  • Leg extension in 2 positions

  • Max. traction weight 80Kg

  • Built up size (LxWxH) cm 180x104x198

  • Max. user weight 120Kg

Everlast EV700 Multi GymEverlast EV700 Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • High pulley system, low pulley system, chest press / pec dec, leg extension | Lat bar and straight bar included

  • High density foam upholstery for comfort and lumbar support

  • Features a 45kg (99lbs) weight stack with resistance up to 75kg (165lbs)

VLK 3 Station Multi-GymVLK 3 Station Multi-Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Main functions: Butterfly arms, chest press, pulldown bar, lower pulley, leg station

  • Product features: Heavy duty steel frame, Weight stack (included): 150LBS (11 plates + 1 top plate)-with 221LBS actual resistance due to the pulley arrangement.

VLK 2 Station Multi-GymVLK 2 Station Multi-Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Heavy duty steel frame.

  • Weight stack (included): 150 LBS (11 plates + 1 top plate) - with 221 LBS actual resistance .

  • Additional dip station for leg raises and dips .

  • Hydraulic Stepper.

Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever SystemBodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Chest Shoulder Press - 225Kg/500lb

  • Squat Station - 225Kg/500lb

  • Lat Pulldown - 180Kg/400lb

  • Lever lat pulldown, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Pullover, Leg Curl/Extension, Squat Station, Free standing flat/incline decline bench

York G201 Vertical MultigymYork G201 Vertical Multigym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Seated bench press

  • Removable arm curl pad with 2 position height adjustment

  • Seated leg developer with locking mechanism

  • 100kg weight stack

Bodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi GymBodymax C10 Elite Strength Trainer Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Triceps Press Down, Seated Row, Standing Arm Curl, Abdominal Crunch, Leg Extension, Leg Curl and Butterfly

  • Adjustable seat and backrest, vinyl coated grips and double stitched upholstery

  • Fibreglass strengthened nylon pulleys

  • Sealed ball bearings

FINNLO Autark 1500 Multi GymFINNLO Autark 1500 Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • High quality frame and design by one of the leading fitness product companies, Finnlo

  • 80kg weight stack with 100kg upgrade available

  • 3 cable pulley stations

Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym CenterUltrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Exercises for legs / glutes / arms / chest / abs / back

  • Includes lat pull bar, curl bar, and foot straps

  • Incl. 48 kg weight set - easy to adjust

BH Fitness Global Multi GymBH Fitness Global Multi Gym[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Combines a multi-station with a seated leg press and abdominal flexor with dip bars.

  • Foldable seat.

  • Exercise control with a maximum tension of 100Kg / 221 lbs

  • Pulley system with bearings, provides a very smooth and direct exercise.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus TitaniumBH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium[tie_list type="checklist"]

  • Exercise control with a maximum tension of 70Kg

  • Foldable seat, the multi-gym takes up very little space

  • Pulley system with bearings, provides a very smooth and direct exercise

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