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We R Sports Home Multi Gym Review

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The We R Sports Home Multi Gym is designed to be as compact as possible, while still offering the same wide range of exercises you would expect from machines twice the price.

This product article takes a look at the setup in more detail, including the upper and lower body workouts, design features, and a product comparison.


Design features

[one_half]Aside from your standard free weights sets, a multi gym can be the best addition to your home gym if you want to perform a wide range of exercises safely.

Offering a high, low, and mid-range cable pulley, the We R Sports Home Multi Gym provides all the key angles you need to work every major muscle group.

With an exaggerated camber to the lat pulldown bar, this provides some effective and innovative grip positions for curls and pushdowns, as well as standard pulldowns.

Although the bar isn’t coated through the full length, a rubber coating has been applied to each end, to help improve your grip on the wide grip pulldowns.

As well as the various cable pulley positions, the We R Sports Home Gym also offers a pressing arm and pec fly / rear delt fly arms.

Both of these features have been carefully designed to offer as many exercise variations as possible, while still keeping the space the frame takes up to a minimum.[/one_half]

We R Sports Home Multi Gym

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The angle of the main pressing arm can even be adjusted, thanks to the addition of a locking pin on one side. This makes it quick and easy to change the angle from closer to vertical (for chest presses) to a higher incline for either seated rows or seated shoulder press.

Similar to the lat pulldown bar, a textured coating has been applied to each of the gripping points on the handles, allowing you to lift more weight before your grip fails.

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We R Sports Home Multi Gym Review – Features Summary

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  • 45kg (100lb) Vinyl Weight Stack
  • Multi Function Chest Press
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Assembly Size: 200x164x204cm
  • Main tube is 50×1.5mm



How the weight stack compares with other multi gyms

One final design feature worth mentioning is perhaps the most important; the amount of weight in the stack.

At 45 kg (100 lb) this is one of the lightest weight stacks available on any home multi gym.

While this does make it a good choice for anyone new to lifting, it’s a weight that many more experienced lifters have already grown beyond in terms of strength.

This lighter weight stack has almost become the standard for multi gyms under a certain price. Many of the Everlast home gym systems under £300 also only extend to 50kg at most.

If a 45 kg weight stack doesn’t sound enough of a challenge, it might be worth taking a look at the FINNLO Autark 600 (80kg stack).


Upper body workouts

When you combine the pressing arm, pec fly arms, and range of cable pulleys, it’s possible to put together an effective workout for every upper body muscle group.

Whether you want to build up your chest with flys and presses, build stronger biceps with low cable curls, or thicken your triceps with some pushdowns, it’s all possible.

The following list is just a small collection of the exercise options you would have available to you, if you were to buy the We R Sports Home Gym.

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  • Arms – Cable curls, pushdowns, overhead tricep extensions
  • Abs – Seated crunches (with resistance)
  • Chest – Pec flys, chest press
  • Back – Seated row, upright row, lat pulldown, rear delt fly
  • Shoulders – Seated shoulder press, low cable side lateral raise



Lower body workouts

Maintaining a balanced physique isn’t just beneficial for overall muscular development. A strong lower body can also help increase strength and stability in your upper body.

Although the We R Sports Home Gym does provide the leg extension function in front of the adjustable seat, the range of lower body exercises remains fairly limited.

There are also no upgrade options available to increase the weight or workout stations after buying the main unit. This means that if you want to build your legs to be bigger and stronger, you will also need to purchase a leg press or squat rack.

Despite this, leg extensions, standing single-legged curls, and a number of different leg exercises using a low cable pulley are all still available.


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