Physionics 30kg Dumbbell set

Physionics 30kg Dumbbell Weights Set

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The Physionics 30kg dumbbell weights set is a great set of dumbbells for anyone just starting to lift weights and looking to build a collection of free weights for home workouts.

Whereas most dumbbell sets feature a steel bar for the handle section, in this case the steel handle has been coated in plastic similar to the actual weight plates.

This helps to improve the grip while still keeping the diameter of the bar thin enough that you can get a good grip, which is crucial for exercises such as dumbbell rows.


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Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weights set – Features Summary

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  • Ergonomic design 30 Kg (2x15kg) dumbbell weights Set
  • Bar is plastic with a steel core.
  • Non-Slip grip (grooved surface) 14,5 cm wide
  • Spinlock collars, lock weights in place to insure that weights remain secured on the bar
  • Weights are covered with a durable, floor-friendly, plastic covering, which lessens clangs & rattles from metal.



Weight plates supplied with the Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weight set

Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weights set

With three different sizes of weight plate, the 0.75kg, 1.25kg and 2.50kg, this makes it possible to adjust the Physionics 30kg dumbbells to the exact weight you need. This is in contrast to many other dumbbell weight sets where the smallest weight plate supplied is 1.25kg.

With the weight plates being coated in the tough plastic, this helps to prevent any damage to wooden floors if dropped.

Even when each dumbbell bar is loaded with the maximum amount of weight plates each (15kg), the spinlock collars will still sit securely at the end of the bar without slipping off.


Technical Information:

  • Length of dumbbell bar: 49cm
  • Diameter of dumbbell bar: approx. 25 mm
  • Measurement of handle grip: approx. 14,5 cm
  • Weight of dumbbell bar: 900 g


Contents Include:

  • 2 x Dumbbell Bars, 1kg/bar (2.2lbs) 45cm Long( (Ø 2.8 cm)
  • 4 x Spinlock collars fitting bar with Ø 2.8 cm
  • 4 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 0.75 Kg ~1.7lbs (17cm x 2.8cm Thick)
  • 4 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 1.25 Kg ~2.8lbs (17cm x 3cm Thick)
  • 8 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 2.50 Kg ~5.5lbs (21cm x 4cm Thick)
  • Total Mass: 30 kg (about 66lbs)


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