Physionics FNST01 Multi Gym

Physionics FNST01 Home Gym 40kg Weight Stack

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The Physionics FNST01 Home Gym is a fitness station that includes a 40kg weight stack to create the resistance for a range of both upper and lower body exercises.

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Chest press station

[one_half]An important part of developing a well balanced physique is making sure you train each muscle group from a variety of angles.

The Physionics FNST01 includes both chest press and pec fly options for targetting your chest muscles with both a mass building exercise, and an isolation exercise.

Although the chest press will mainly work your pectoral muscles, various other muscle groups are also recruited to help press the weight. This includes your triceps, forearms and shoulders.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The main pressing arm and pec fly option help to work your chest from a variety of angles[/one_half_last]

The pec fly is much more of an isolation exercise, targetting mostly the inner chest.

To help cushion your forearms throughout this exercise, The pec fly arms have been padded in a similar way to the foam rollers on the leg developer.

Depending on your height and preferred range of motion in the chest press, you might also want to adjust the height of the handles. Fortunately the Physionics FNST01 features a number of different height settings, making it quick and easy to adjust the range of motion.


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[one_half_last]Physionics FNST01 Multi Home Gym



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Physionics FNST01 – Features Summary

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  • Fitness Stations like this have long been standard in gyms all over the world. This multi-gym fitness station from Physionics offers optimal training possibilities for your muscles.
  • Build up your muscles and get into top shape in the comfort of your own home with this fitness station.
  • Training daily with this type of fitness station can lead to stunning results.
  • Complete workout in small space with this fitness station
  • Over 30 training possibilities with this fitness station



Back and bicep workouts

[one_half]To balance out your chest workouts, it’s also important to be able to put together a back workout that will work this complicated muscle group from a range of angles.

This is made a lot easier with the addition of both a high a low cable pulley. Although the standard attachments are for a lat pulldown or straight bar, additional attachments can be bought separately to extend the number of possible exercises.

Even with these two basic bar attachments, you can still setup a surprisingly effective back and bicep workout.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Physionics FNST01 Multi Home Gym[/one_half_last]

The low cable pulley lets you perform a variety of back and bicep exercises, including shrugs, bicep curls, upright rows, bent over rows, and reverse curls.

While the high pulley can also be used for tricep exercises, the lat bar attachment makes it possible to perform many different variations of lat pulldowns.

By changing your grip from wide to narrow, or overhand to underhand, these slight changes will actually help to create both width and thickness in your entire upper back.


Leg workouts with the Physionics FNST01

[one_half]Although there is no leg press station in the same way there is for the Finnlo Autark 2500, there is still a leg developer for performing two effective isolation exercises.

The low cable pulley threads through the base of the leg developer, creating resistance without the need for any additional weight stacks.

From a seated position you can then slide your ankles behind the lower set of rollers, extending your legs to perform leg extensions. This is the best isolation exercise you can include in leg workouts that’s specific to your quads.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The leg developer allows you to perform 2 of the most effective lower body exercises; leg extensions and hamstring curls[/one_half_last]

It’s also possible to train your hamstrings, but from a standing position rather than seated. When standing and facing the weight stack you can then position the lowest leg roller behind your calf and perform single leg curls.


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