Physionics HNTL04 Weight Bench

Physionics HNTLB04 Weight Bench Review

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Despite its low price, the Physionics HNTLB04 weight bench still provides a wide range of back support positions to provide a comfortable platform from which you can perform a variety of effective upper body exercises.


Wide range of back support positions

Physionics HNTLB04 Weight Bench

Whether you have been weight training for a while or are just starting your first workout program, an important part of improving your muscle size and strength is to frequently shock your muscles.

This can be achieved either through using a heavier weight, more reps, or working the muscle from a different angle, and it’s these frequent changes to your training routine that can ensure your gains stay consistent.

This is why the Physionics HNTLB04 weights bench is so beneficial, providing a variety of positions ranging from decline to nearly vertical.

Although the seat itself isn’t adjustable, padded leg rollers have been added to the front of the bench to wrap your feet behind when you want to perform decline exercise variations.


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Physionics HNTLB04 – Features Summary

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  • Recommended for beginners and the advanced
  • Supporting Practical Leg Bar
  • 5-Position Backrest: incline, decline, or keep it flat
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comfortable Backrest and Seat



Upper and lower body exercises

One of the reasons for the Physionics HNTLB04 being available for such a low price is due to the lack of a leg developer or additional attachments.

While this still makes the bench a good choice for upper body workouts, it does make it fairly limited with the number of lower body exercises it can be used for.

Elevated lunges are one of the exercises that can be performed to target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, using your bodyweight or even while holding dumbbells.

When combined with a good quality free weights the range of upper body exercises is much better, with the following list just a few of the possible options:
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  • Chest – Incline pec fly, flat bench press
  • Back – Dumbbell pullovers, dumbbell rows
  • Abs – Decline situps, v crunches
  • Shoulders – Seated lateral raises
  • Traps – Dumbbell shrugs
  • Biceps – Incline dumbbell curls, seated hammer curls, seated concentration curls
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, dumbbell kickbacks



Price comparison

Physionics HNTLB04 Weight Bench

When deciding on which weights bench to buy it can be useful to know how each product compares, in terms of both features and price.

In terms of the other weights benches available at the same price point as the Physionics HNTLB04, there are really only 3 that can be compared without having to increase the amount you spend by too much. These are the Physionics HNTLB08, Body Sculpture BSB512, and Confidence Fitness Utility bench.

The main benefit of the HNTLB08 over the HNTLB04 is the adjustable seat settings, although you do lose the decline back support positions.

The Body Sculpture bench features the same range of back support positions and no seat adjustment, but switching to a decline position is much easier than the HNTLB04.

Unlike the HNTLB04, the Confidence Fitness Bench features a fold flat design and carry handle, which can be useful if you need to transport the bench or store it away between workouts.

In terms of price, all four of these benches will usually fall into the £37 to £50 category.


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