Physionics HNTLB05 Multifunctional Fitness Station

Physionics HNTLB05 Multifunctional Weight Bench

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The Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench offers a range of exercise stations that allow you to perform more exercises than many bench press stations twice the price.

The main padded back rest can be adjusted to 7 different positions which allows you to do the usual flat and incline bench press, but also adjust the angle to slightly more or less of an incline to make sure you find the best angle that suits your natural range of motion when pressing the bar.

Having such a high weight limit (around 280kg including user and weight), the Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench will provide effective workouts for a wide range of abilities, from the beginner up to those who have been weightlifting and keeping fit for many years.


Bicep and leg workouts with the Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench

Physionics HNTLB05 Multifunctional Weight Bench Fitness Station

Whereas many bench press systems have the leg developer at the front of the machine, this can tend to get in the way of the preacher curl exercises, or mean that you have to remove the preacher curl pad to perform the leg extensions or hamstring curls properly.

With this Physionics design you have the leg developer at the opposite end of the bench, behind the main barbell rack. This has two main benefits, the first is to remove the need to detach the preacher curl section when using the leg developer, and the other is to offer an entire additional set of exercises.

Thanks to the simple cable pulley system that runs from the top of the back rest to the leg developer, this allows you to perform a range of overhead tricep extension exercises (after purchasing a separate rope attachment) as well as weighted abdominal crunches.

The resistance can be increased or decreased by adding weight plates onto the weight peg on the leg developer.

Having the increased space under the preacher curl means you can adjust your position to sit further forward on the bench to get a greater range of motion when performing barbell or dumbbell preacher curls.

If you do find this gets in the way of your bench pressing then there is a hand wheel on the base of the preacher curl section that can be pulled out and allow the preacher curl to be removed.


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Physionics HNTLB05 Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Recommended for beginners and the advanced
  • Equipped with a barbell rest
  • Weight-limit: about 280 kg
  • 7-position backrest
  • 4-position curl cushion



Total chest development with the chest fly feature

As well as the main pressing movements which can help develop your overall chest muscles, the Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench also comes with a feature to allow you to perform chest flys.

The weight is adjusted depending on how many weight plates you load onto the weight peg on each side, and provides you with an exercise for focussing on the inner chest muscles towards the middle of your chest which can often be the hardest area to develop.


Contents Includes:

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  • 1x Multifunctional Weight Bench (some assembly required)
  • Including 2 x weight discs 5 kg (Diameter of Hole: approx. 28 mm)
  • Including 2 x weight discs 2,5 kg (Diameter of Hole: approx. 28 mm)
  • 1x Instruction Manual (in German/French/English)



Barbells and weight plates

While the Physionics Multifunctional weight bench does come with a small selection of lighter weight plates (a pair of 5kg and a pair of 2.5kg), these can only really be used on the leg developer and chest fly when you first buy the bench unless you already have a barbell set.

This is often a better option if you are just starting out with weightlifting or fitness and looking for a bench press that is high quality and offers a range of exercises, without having a heavy weight set that comes with it that you may not use for many months.

If you are looking for a good quality barbell set then you can always compare the barbell weight plate sets we have on offer.


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