Physionics HNTLB09 Arm Curl Preacher Bench

Physionics HNTLB09 Arm Curl Preacher Bench

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The Physionics HNTLB09 is a fully adjustable preacher curl bench designed primarily for both the straight bar and cambered bar variations of preacher curls with a weight of up to 60kg.


Design features

Physionics HNTLB09 Arm Curl Preacher Bench

An important feature to look for when buying any piece of exercise equipment is how well it can adjust to your height and body type.

The Physionics HNTLB09 Arm Curl Preacher Bench features three main areas of adjustment to ensure you are in the most effective position when performing preacher curls.

The seat, preacher pad and bar support are all fully adjustable with the use of a small hand wheel that locks the vertical supports in place at the different height positions.

The bar support has the actual barbell rests angled to give you a wider area when lifting the bar clear of the supports, which also makes it easier to safely rack again after your set.

In terms of comfort, both the seat and preacher curl pad are well cushioned with a couple of inches of padding.

It’s worth noting the weight limitations of the Physionics HNTLB09 before you buy, particularly the body weight limit.

If you have been lifting weights for many years and are more used to commercial gym equipment then perhaps this may not be the best option. This is primarily due to the 100kg bodyweight limit and 60kg barbell weight limit.

At the same time these limits may be more than enough for someone just starting with weightlifting who needs a low cost preacher curl bench for developing their biceps.

If you are looking to invest more money and need a more heavy duty preacher curl, then another option is to buy a bench system that has a preacher curl attachment.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic bench has a user weight limit of over 130kg and also allows you to perform all the major compound exercises thanks to its walk in squat rack.


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Physionics HNTLB09 – Features Summary

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  • Total Dimensions: approx. 95 x 50 cm (LxW)
  • Seat Area: approx. 33 x 24 cm (LxW), approx. 4 cm thick
  • The Preacher Bench is individually adjustable for the best possible workout
  • 5-level adjustable seat, Height approx. 45cm up to 55cm
  • 4-level adjustable armrest, Height approx. 80cm up to 95cm
  • 5-level adjustable barbell rack, Height approx. 53cm up to 73cm



Why include preacher curls in your workouts?

Preacher curls have always been a favoured exercise of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts due to the unique ability of the exercise to keep your upper arm almost completely motionless.

Although concentration curls have a similar effect, preacher curls are the only variation that lets you take the movement out of the upper arm using a barbell and double hand grip.

Isolating the biceps in such a way is one of the best methods for developing the peak in the bicep muscle, allowing you to focus fully on the contraction at the top of the movement.

The most efficient and effective way to actually perform the preacher curl is simply by resting your elbow against the top of the pad and keeping your chest up. This is contrary to the way that you may see most people in the gym resting their triceps fully against the pad which leads to the shoulders dropping down and doing more of the work.

The preacher pad on the Physionics HNTLB09 has been designed in such a way that it has a wider section right at the top to provide you with additional support when you perform the exercise in this way.


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