Physionics RKTN02 Hyper Extension Bench

Physionics RKTN02 Hyper Extension Bench

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The Physionics RKTN02 bench has been specifically designed for hyper extensions, an exercise which will focus on lower and middle back development while keeping the impact on knee and hip joints to a minimum.


Bench design

[one_half]Although standard weights benches for performing the bench press are now commonplace in almost every commercial gym and many home gyms, you are much less likely to have come across a hyper extension bench.

The Physionics RKTN02 features a simple yet supportive frame design, angled at 45 degrees to create the most effective range of motion throughout each repetition.

An important feature of the bench is the adjustable cushion section, which is used to support your body just below the waist to create the ideal pivot point for the exercise.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Physionics RKTN02 Hyper Extension Bench[/one_half_last]

This can be adjusted through 6 different height positions, making the Physionics RKTN02 bench well suited to a wide range of user heights.

The foot plate provides you with plenty of room to position your calves against the padded rollers to prevent lower body movement during the exercise.

These padded rollers have also been ergonomically designed with contours to provide complete comfort and cushioning around the entire back of your calf muscles.

Due to the angle of the frame, Physionics have added a set of handles spaced wide enough apart to not restrict your range of motion, while still providing support when getting on and off the bench.


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[one_half_last]Physionics RKTN02 Hyper Extension Bench[/one_half_last]


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Physionics RKTN02 – Features Summary


  • Back bench with adjustable in height (6-position)
  • Handles for stability
  • Back bench with quick release fastener
  • Ergonomic flow of movement with this back bench
  • Back bench with padded, adjustable back cushion
  • Effective training thanks to 45° position
  • Suitable for people between 160-200 cm (63-78.74 inches) tall
  • Tread offers additional stability
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    The benefits of hyper extensions

    [one_half]The main goal of adding hyper extensions to your workouts is to provide an effective way of working your back muscles (predominantly lower back and erector spinae) without putting any pressure on your knee and hip joints.

    This makes the exercise considerably safer than other lower back exercises such as deadlifts, while still providing a wide range of motion and adjustable resistance.

    Although starting off with just your upper body weight may be enough initially, you can also perform hyper extensions while gripping a weight plate to increase the intensity.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Physionics RKTN02 Hyper Extension Bench[/one_half_last]

    When planning your back workouts you will usually find a wide range of pull down or row variations, but very few lower back exercises.

    Combining hyper extensions with deadlifts can be a very effective way to build core strength, whether you are performing hyper extensions first to pre exhaust the muscles, or deadlifts first to lift the most weight for overall muscle stimulation.



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