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ProForm Ab Glider

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The ProForm Ab Glider allows you to perform a variety of different movements to work your abdominal and core muscles from all the angles you need to develop overall core strength.

The main handles have been designed to be at a level that is easy to reach and at an angle that helps to reduce any pulling done by your back and biceps and focus more on your abs.

The ProForm Ab Glider also has two grooves built in to the knee rest support which make sure your legs are as comfortable as possible when performing the exercises, and has been designed to rotate freely so that you can perform a wider range of motions at the same time.

The two guide rails allow the knee support section to slide as you bring your knees up towards your chest which is a very effective exercise for lower ab development. You can perform this exercise while twisting your legs to point either left or right to feel more of a contraction in your oblique muscles which are positioned between your lower back and abdominal muscles.


The ProForm Ab Glider on board workout computer

[one_half]An on board workout tracker is also provided which has an LCD screen to clearly show how many repetitions you have performed that set so you can focus on getting the most out of the exercise without worrying about counting the reps.

As well as keeping track of the number of repetitions, the on board workout computer can display the estimated number of calories you have worked off, and the time spent using the Ab Glider.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]ProForm Ab Glider[/one_half_last]

You can also use the ProForm Ab Glider without sliding the knee rest support up, and simply twist your lower body round from left to right to work your entire core.

Once you get more used to the movement, you can even try performing the knee twists without holding on to the bars which has a similar effect to if you change from performing dumbbell flys on a flat bench to dumbbell flys on a swiss ball.

You take away the main support that you may have been leaning some of your bodyweight on and using to twist through the motion, and rely on your core muscles doing all the work.


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[one_half_last]ProForm Ab Glider[/one_half_last]


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ProForm Ab Glider – Features Summary


  • Works your Abs and obliques
  • Provides a Cardio workout
  • An on board personal tracker computer with an easy to read LCD
  • Comfortable, moulded foam cushioned seat and Non-slip, smooth, friction-free workout
  • [/checklist][/box]


    Box Contains


  • Ab Glider
  • BONUS on board tracker computer
  • Absolute Abs DVD
  • 3 minute Results DVD
  • Nutrition Guide
  • [/checklist]




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