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PureFitness and Sports Powerstation

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The PureFitness and Sports multi gym powerstation is a pull up and dip station that has been designed to help you build strength and size in your upper body through a range of bodyweight exercises.

The arm rests and back rest have been well padded for when you are performing roman chair leg raises to help you focus on the exercise and contracting your core muscles rather than shifting your bodyweight to take pressure off your arms.


Dips and abs training with the PureFitness and Sports powerstation

The PureFitness and Sports powerstation has also been designed with a slight incline to the arm rests. This benefits both the dips exercise and the leg raises in a couple of ways. When using the dip bars, due to the angle you are forced to lean forward slightly which places more emphasis on your chest and tricep muscles.

The angle also has an effect on your abs exercises such as the roman chair leg raises, as it makes you lean back slightly which puts your ab muscles through a greater range of motion when bringing your legs up.

The handles to hold onto when performing this type of ab exercise also have a slight angle to give you a better grip.


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PureFitness and Sports Multi Gym Powerstation – Features Summary


  • Great for building upper body strength and a solid core | Perform pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg/knee raises and press-ups
  • Effectively works chest, arms, back, shoulders and abs in one convenient unit
  • High density foam upholstery for maximum comfort
  • Durable black powder coated finish | Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction
  • Dimensions: Height: 210cm x Width: 95.5cm x Length: 109cm | Maximum User Weight: 115kg / 253lbs / 18 Stone | Product Weight: 27kg
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    Pull ups and hanging leg raises

    [one_half]The wide pull up bar at the top of the powerstation has a reinforced section from the main frame to the grip handles which helps to prevent any loosening of the bar when in use.

    This can be used to target your lats and back depending on your grip. Wide grip pull ups will engage your lats to focus on increasing width while chin ups are superb for exercising the biceps and middle back.

    There is a maximum user weight of 115kg, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still add a weighted vest or dip belt to get to this weight. [/one_half]
    [one_half_last]PureFitness and Sports Multi Gym Powerstation[/one_half_last]

    For example if you weigh 80kg you can still add a 30kg weighted vest and still find it a very stable piece of exercise equipment.

    If you find that the arm rests get in the way of your pull ups, you can always fold them out of the way to sit in line with the main support frame.

    Leg raises can be difficult to achieve at first so knee raises are a good platform to build your core at first until you’re ready to increase the difficulty. Leg raises mainly focus on the stubborn lower ab region but work your full core to some extent.


    Exercise options


  • Pull ups for lats and back
  • Chin ups for biceps, lats and back
  • Dips for chest, triceps and front deltoid (shoulders)
  • Press ups for chest and triceps
  • Leg/Knee raises for abdominals and hip flexors
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