SAC Ab Coaster

SAC AB Coaster

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The SAC Ab Coaster has been designed to target mainly the lower abdominal muscles, but can also be used to work your obliques when you rotate your leg position to be at 90 degrees to the front of the Ab Coaster.


Design features

The all steel construction and wide support base ensures that this ab machine can support weights of up to 136kg and is stable enough to not wobble when in use.

By resting your knees on the sliding rest and resting your forearms in the padded rests provided on the front, you can then hold onto the handles and try to bring your knees up towards your chest.

As long as you focus on your abdominal muscles doing most of the work, and on the stretch and contraction then the SAC Ab Coaster can be very effective. You just need to resist the temptation to pull with your arms and drag your knees up to get the most effective workout.

There is a clear guide to how to perform the exercise on the front arm rest of the Ab Coaster, together with a screen that is simply used to show how many repetitions you have completed that set.


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SAC AB Coaster – Features Summary


  • Includes Free Workout DVD
  • Digital Workout Counter
  • Easy-Move Casters
  • 5′ Steel Rails, Polyurethane Rollers
  • Free-style Seat Movement Steel Bearings
  • Vinyl Covered Moulded Foam Pads
  • Digital Workout Counter
  • 3-Position Adjustable Seat Pad
  • Easy-Move Casters
  • Powder-Coat Finish
  • Ultra Glide Nylon Rollers
  • Material: All steel construction
  • Weight plate capacity: 10kg/20 lb.
  • Saddle seat size: 37cm (W) x 41cm (L)
  • Track Length: 130cm
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    Benefits of the SAC Ab Coaster range of motion

    [one_half]The length of the guide rails that the knee rest section rests on is another key reason why this is so effective.

    If you have ever tried kneeling on the ground and holding onto a barbell resting on the ground in front of you, then rolled it forwards along the ground as far as you can then back again, you will know important the full range of motion is.

    By going from the furthest back position on the guide rails and bringing your knees all the way through until you are at the top of the rails, the Ab Coaster has the added resistance of gravity.

    Whereas the barbell on the floor just has the horizontal plane of motion and resistance, the Ab Coaster adds a vertical plane of resistance so it makes it harder to hold the full contraction at the top of the movement.[/one_half]
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    Adding resistance

    As well as the resistance created naturally by gravity, and caused by the sliding the knee rest along the guide rails, SAC have also added a weight peg to each side of the knee rest so you can add a total of 10kg of additional weight if you need a tougher workout.

    As you lift the knee carriage glides along the biometrically designed curved track engaging your lower abs first then the middle & upper region giving a complete abdominal workout. The SAC Ab Coaster also promotes core stabilization by isolating the abdominal region and virtually eliminating any hip flexor involvement.




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