Schiek 78 Inch Black Knee Wrap

Schiek 78 inch Black Knee Wrap

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The Schiek 78 Inch Knee Wrap is Schiek’s high quality knee support product that can be used to help support your knees by providing added stability when performing leg exercises that use heavy weight such as leg presses or variations of the squat.

There are two main types of knee support. One is for weightlifters to protect the joints and even help you lift more weight while the other is more of a hinged design that allows for a bit more free movement. The latter is more often seen on sports players or people using cardio machines such as the treadmill.

The Schiek knee wraps have been designed with a 78 inch length to make sure you have enough strap for several rotations around your knee. It’s really down to personal preference how tightly you want to make the knee wraps but a general rule is that you should still just about be able to get your thumb under the top of the strap.


How to use the Schiek 78 inch Knee Wraps

[one_half]If you haven’t used knee wraps before, then it can be difficult to know how to wrap them around your knee. There are many different variations depending on your preference and the exercise you are using them for.

The variation comes in whether you just wrap the strap around your knee from just below the joint to just above in a straight spiral motion, perform a couple of wraps below the knee then criss cross over the knee and a couple more rotations at the top or even just wrapping once at the bottom and criss crossing around the knee cap and joint.

These will each allow varying degrees of flexibility.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Schiek 78 inch Black Knee Wrap

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But the most important thing is to make sure there is a good section of the knee wrap around the knee cap and main joint. The tension from the elasticity in the material will build up when squatting in the lower portion of the movement and leg press and allow you press the weight up out of this bottom portion easier than if you weren’t wearing the knee wraps.


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Schiek 78 inch Black Knee Wrap – Features Summary



  • Provides maximum support for knee joints during extreme workouts
  • Designed long and wide enough to fit any number of body types
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Schiek Sports
  • 2 unit




Safety notice on using knee wraps

It is worth mentioning that if you are using the Schiek 78 Inch Knee Wraps, or any joint support product to increase the amount of weight you can lift, you should only do this on occasions where you try for your one rep max, or at the very most on your last set if you are looking to do very low repetitions.

This is because wearing knee wraps, although extremely beneficial when used correctly, can cause less development in your hip and stabilizer muscles when used too often.


Material and quality behind the Schiek 78 inch Knee Wraps

The extra heavyweight cotton elastic material used to produce these knee wraps was chosen due to its ability to offer adhesion, tightness and build up power through its elasticity which are all important factors when looking for support when performing heavy leg exercises.

Together with the 3 inch width to make sure more of your knee joint is protected, this prevents the knee wrap from slipping off the knee joint or any area where you overlap the strap and possibly reducing the support on a part of the knee midway through your lift.



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