Schiek Padded Lifting Straps

Schiek Padded Lifting Straps

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Schiek is a company widely recognised as the producer of some of the highest quality weightlifting accessories in the world.

The Schiek padded lifting straps are their version of the weightlifting straps that can be useful either when you are lifting heavy weight for a low number of repetitions, or if you are looking to perform a higher number of repetitions on a back exercise and don’t want your grip to fail before your back muscles do.

There are many different types of lifting strap, from just a simple strip of leather with a loop in the end, to padded straps with a hook attachment to hook onto the bar and prevent any wrapping of a strap around the bar.

The Schiek padded lifting straps combine the best elements of all designs to produce what I have personally found to be the most effective and strongest lifting strap available.


Padded wrist support

The 6mm thick padded section won’t quite wrap around many people’s wrists but this isn’t really necessary. You can use the straps for back exercises such as deadlifts and heavy barbell or dumbbell rows and have the padded section at the front of your wrist (due to where the strap is attached).

You can also make the most of this thick padded support when performing pressing movements such as bench press or shoulder press variations to help support your wrist and help you lift more weight.


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Schiek Padded Lifting Straps – Features Summary



  • Outstanding wrist support designed to fit any body type
  • Padded for maximum comfort and safety during arduous workout routines
  • Easily strapped out of the way when switching from one routine to another
  • Schiek Sports
  • 2 strap




One of the difficulties with many more basic lifting strap designs is that when you have the strap wrapped tightly around a bar and start lifting, the leather will start to cut into your wrist and make it difficult to focus on the lift.

Thanks to the metal loop in one end of the Schiek padded lifting strap’s main padded section, you can feed the other end of the wrist strap through and pull it as tight as you need without feeling any discomfort. The velcro section is then strong enough to hold the wrist strap in that position throughout your lifting.


Quick to change between exercises

It can also sometimes take time to just wrap a support around your wrist, and like leg wraps can often come as one long piece that you wrap around many times to get the support. Due to how quickly and simply you can get the Schiek padded lifting straps tight around your wrist you can get the straps in place and take them off again very quickly.

The fact that you can maintain the wrist support while folding the strip that wraps around the weight bar out of the way enables you to use these Schiek lifting straps for a much wider variety of exercises than just the normal deadlifts, shrugs and rows.



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