SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench

SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench Review

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The SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench is designed to provide you with a stable platform from which to perform bench presses, preacher curls and leg developer exercises.

The main difference between this bench and the others that are available is the way the bench adjusts. Instead of a locking pin that you can pull out and adjust to the desired angle, there is a horizontal bar between the main frame supports that the back support can rest on.


Preacher curl and leg developer station

SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench Leg Developer

As well as the main bench press section, there is also a preacher pad that can slide into the front of the bench frame.

Attached to the top set of padded rollers on the leg developer is an angled bar for performing preacher curls. This can be used in two ways.

The first is for gripping the section of the bars pointing towards you to perform hammer style preacher curls. The second is for the standard underhand grip on the ends of the handles that have a textured grip to prevent any slipping during the exercise.

If you find this distracts you or gets in the way of your bench press then you can pull out the pin from under the bench seat and completely remove the preacher curl station.

This also makes it possible to perform lying hamstring curls using the padded rollers that form part of the leg developer.

Leg extensions can also be performed with the SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench by sitting towards the front of the bench and positioning your feet under the lower padded rollers.

The padded seat has even been designed with padding that extends beyond the preacher curl frame to provide you with even more support when performing these leg exercises.

The resistance for both of these exercises is created by loading weight plates onto the weight plate peg at the front of the SportTech Deluxe Bench.


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SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Can be used with 6ft & 7ft standard or Olympic bars
  • Height Adjustable Preacher curl pad for biceps
  • Leg developer exercises quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Weight plate storage for standard 1″ discs
  • Ultra thick, tear resistant upholstery offers greater support & comfort
  • Heavy Duty rock solid 60mm x 60mm, 14 Gauge steel frame ensures a durable and stable workout
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts
  • Adjustable Back Pad Positions: Flat, Incline & Decline
  • Quick adjust pop pin adjustment system
  • Adjustable uprights for perfect bar positioning



Weight plate and barbell storage

There are two main vertical sections to the frame which have been designed for the barbell to rest on when preparing to perform bench press exercises.

At the back of these supports on each side there is an area for storing barbells that either have a fixed weight at the end, or just to keep them out of the way when not in use.

Whereas many bench press stations have the weight plate pegs positioned very close to the base of the frame, the SportTech Deluxe Weight Bench has them positioned much closer to your waist.

This means you don’t have to crouch down to pick up heavy weight plates in between sets if you want to increase the weight on the bar.


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