Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL

Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL Review

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The Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL has been designed primarily as an upper body workout machine.

This differs from conventional multi gym machines in the fact that while you can add additional weight in the form of weight plates, it will be your bodyweight that provides most of the resistance for the exercises.


Design features

[one_half]Similar to how some ab machines work by your bodyweight resting on a padded knee rest and sliding along a metal track, the Total Trainer Pro has a padded board that slides along an aluminium rail.

One of the main differences with this workout machine is that you are able to adjust the percentage of your bodyweight you use.

By sliding the top of the track section up the main support to increase the incline, you also increase the resistance up to a maximum of 72% of your bodyweight.[/one_half]
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If you still find this doesn’t stress your muscles enough and give you an effective workout, then you have the opportunity to load up the weight pegs at the bottom with weight plates. The actual track that the back rest runs along is reinforced up to a maximum weight of 150kg so that’s the only real limit to how much resistance you can use.

So effectively this gives you a maximum exercise weight of around 108kg (72% of the maximum user weight, with 72% being the maximum you can use when at full incline).

The minimum weight will vary depending on your bodyweight, but even using the 150kg maximum as a test leaves the minimum weight at a very comfortable 9kg.

Between these maximum incline and decline settings are a further 10 height settings, providing a total of 12 different levels of resistance. The monorail and cushion have also both been lengthened to provide more room when performing exercises.


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Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL – Features Summary

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  • Home gym offers ideal way strengthen and tone while improving flexibility
  • Utilizes your own body weight for resistance training, eliminating need for free weights
  • Adjust percentage of body weight lifted, from 6% to 72% by moving incline up or down
  • Aluminium monorail design comes fully assembled and folds and rolls for easy storage
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • Includes, Biceps curl press bar, Pro AB Crunch Strap
  • Glide board Dimensions: Width: 14 Inches x Depth: 48 Inches



Exercises with the Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL

Although exercises such as tricep extensions can’t be performed in the conventional manner, these and many other exercises are still possible with the Total Trainer Power Pro 5000XL.

Listed below are just a few examples.

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  • Shoulders

    Sitting positioned at the top of the padded back rest with one of the cable handles in each hand, lift your feet off the floor and position your hands in a position as if you were about to start a set of dumbbell shoulder presses.

    You can then press up above your head with the cables which will move the glide board up the track.

  • Back

    Possibly the simplest back exercise you can perform is seated rows. By kneeling on the board near the top and keeping your upper body upright, you can pull the cable handles towards you and contract your back muscles.

    This is similar to performing seated rows with the low pulley on a multi gym.

  • Biceps

    In a similar kneeling position to the seated rows for back, curl the cable handles towards you and focus on the bicep contraction.


You can also use the Total Trainer Pro for exercising your abs, chest, triceps and many more exercises for the shoulders, back and biceps.

An instructional manual and training DVD should be provided with the machine to give you some more advanced workout ideas.


Benefits of the Total Trainer Pro

[one_half]This piece of exercise equipment has many of the benefits of a cable machine, while taking up much less space and not having the extra weight of a weight plate stack.

By positioning yourself on the board to perform the exercises, this also helps to keep your form strict at the same time as improving your flexibility.

There are also benefits over other bodyweight exercise equipment such as dip towers, as this doesn’t rely on having a high ceiling to use it at home.[/one_half]
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The main benefit over free weights is that you don’t have to worry about constantly changing the weight on the barbell or dumbbell. You also don’t need stacks of weight plates or a spotter for any of the exercises.


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