Tri Grip Barbell Set 100kg

Tri Grip Barbell Set 100Kg

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The Tri Grip Barbell Set is a high quality barbell and dumbbell set that comes with a wide variety of different sized weight plates to help you get an effective free weight workout.

The dumbbells have a crosshatched pattern throughout the central part of the bar for added grip. To make it impossible for the weight plates to slide off either the dumbbell or the barbell, the actual weight plate sections are threaded allowing the spinlock collars to be attached.

To help protect the dumbbell bars from damage by tightening the weight plates against the collars, there is a rubber ring on the outside of each collar. This also helps to keep the weight plates from rattling or loosening when being used.


Weight plates supplied with the Tri Grip Barbell Set 100kg

While the Tri Grip Barbell set offers a great range of weight plates, it may be worth buying a couple of 20kg plates to get the most out of this set. The main barbell can take weight of up to around 220kg so it is strong enough to cope with the added weight plates if you have them at home or buy a set of 20kg/25kg plates.

The 6 x 1.25kg plates and the 6 x 2.5kg plates that come with the Tri Grip Barbell Set will also help you increase your lifts quicker. This is because you will often need to increase the resistance by a small amount to make consistent strength gains, even for the more compound exercises such as deadlifts and overhead presses.


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Tri Grip Barbell Set 100Kg – Features Summary


  • 6 x 1.25Kg, 6 x 2.5Kg weight plates
  • 2 x 5Kg, 2 x 10Kg, 2 x 15Kg weight plates
  • 1 x 170cm barbell bar, 2 x 35cm dumbbell bars
  • 6 x Spinlock star collars to secure the weights
  • Hole diameter 31mm
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    Interchangeable locking collars

    While the threaded weight plate sections and spinlock collars keep the weight plates totally secure, if you are constantly changing the weight on the barbell between each set then it can take a bit of time to get the collar off and on again.

    If you find this is a problem then you can always buy different locking collars such as the Lock Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars, or even a set of simple spring collars that can be bought at the same time as this set for next to nothing.


    Exercise options:


  • Barbell bicep curls
  • Deadlifts
  • Shrugs
  • Clean and jerk
  • Overhead barbell press
  • Upright row
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  • Dumbbell row
  • Dumbbell bicep curl
  • Dumbbell hammer curl
  • Side / Front / Rear lateral raises
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
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