Tunturi Platinum 4 In 1 Cable Cross Unit

Tunturi Platinum Cable Cross Unit

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The first thing to notice about the Tunturi Platinum Cable Cross Over unit is that there isn’t the usual support frame at the base to keep it stable when using the cables.

This is because it should only be purchased as part of the Tunturi 4-in-1 modular workout station. You can read more about all 4 workout machines that form the Tunturi workout station in our main Tunturi 4-in-1 Workout station product article.


Adjustable cable height settings

One of the great benefits about cable cross over machines of any type is their flexibility, with the individual weight plate towers and cable pulleys making it possible for two people to work out at the same time with completely different exercises if required.

Each of the cable pulleys on the Tunturi Platinum Cable Cross Unit can be adjusted simply by pulling out the pin at the side and moving it to the guide in the frame that is closest to your required height. Then just let the pin slide into the guide hole and make sure it is secure before starting the exercise.



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Product description


  • Two individual weight stacks in a closed cylinder (90.9 Kg per weight stack; 4.5Kg per step)
  • Height adjustable single cable module with 12 settings each side
  • Moisture resistant handgrips guarantee safe and durable training
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Cable Cross Unit can only be used with the upper and the lower body unit to provide the weight (CAN NOT STAND ALONE)
  • Cable Cross Unit Dimensions: Length: 30cm x Width: 394cm x Height: 219cm
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    Weight and size:

    • Each Weight Stack: 90.9kg
    • Each Weight Plate Weighs: 4.5kg
    • Cable Cross Unit Dimensions: Length: 30cm x Width: 394cm x Height: 219cm


    Pull up handles added to the cable cross design

    The thickness of the main support bar that runs across the top of the Tunturi Platinum cable cross over unit is also something different to the usual lighter weight construction of other cable cross machines.

    This has made it possible for two sets of pull up handles to be attached which allow you to do variations of pull-ups when used in conjunction with the other workout units for stability of the machine.


    90kg of weight plates in each cable tower

    The Tunturi Platinum cable cross over offers some of the heaviest resistance weight towers of any cable cross over machine available. At 90kg per stack, and increasing in 4.5kg increments, this ensures that you can perform exercises such as bent over cable barbell rows as well as the usual tricep pushdowns and barbell curls.




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