Tunturi 230kg Platinum Dumbbell Set

Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set With Rack – 230kg

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The Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set has been designed with around the goal of being one of the most comprehensive dumbbell collections available as a single product.


Benefits of owning a larger collection of dumbbells

While it is certainly possible to put together a similar collection of dumbbells buying pairs separately, it is much better having such a wide collection in the same style from the same high quality company.

With 14 pairs of dumbbells ranging in weight from 1kg up to 18kg, this offers progressively heavier resistance to suit a variety of fitness and strength levels.

Due to the weight increasing in small increments this also helps with quicker progressive overload of the muscles, which is key to an effective workout.


Dumbbell design

Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set 230kg

Although the weighted section at each end of the dumbbells is covered in a durable rubber coating, this is completely different to solid plastic weight plates which sometimes come with other dumbbell sets.

As this is just a coating, the size of the dumbbells is still kept relatively small even for the 18kg set, making it much easier to perform exercises such as dumbbell bicep curls where you are bringing the weight up past your thigh.

The metal handles feature a broken up knurling design to help prevent the weight slipping out of your hand.

If you do drop one of the dumbbells then the rubber coating should minimise the impact and any damage.

The shape of the handle has also been contoured to match your natural palm shape when holding the bar which helps improve your grip.

Because of the hexagonal, tapered design of the weighted sections of the dumbbells, this makes it much easier to unrack the larger dumbbells if they are positioned on the lower shelf.

This is because you can have just the flat section of the top half of the dumbbell resting on the top part of the shelf, which will leave the other end of the dumbbell propped up on the metal edge (can be seen in the image gallery for the 18kg dumbbells).

By raising the handle up and being positioned lower in the shelf, this makes it quicker and easier to lift the heavier dumbbells off the lower shelf.


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Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set 230kg – Features Summary

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  • Durable rubber coating prevents dumbbells been chipped and minimises impact damage if they’re dropped
  • Hexagonal construction is used an anti-roll design
  • Weight identifications are embossed on each side of the dumbbells
  • Knurling design on the handles enhances grip as oppose to been completely smooth
  • Contoured moulding of the handles is ergonomically shaped around your hand to maximise comfort
  • Includes 3-Tier dumbbell storage rack
  • Contoured moulding of the handles is ergonomically shaped around your hand to maximise comfort
  • Dumbbells Sizes Included (In Pairs): 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg



Dumbbell storage rack

The storage rack for the Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell set is one of the features that makes this collection so attractive.

There are very few dumbbell storage racks that are available on their own that can store large numbers of dumbbells.

You will often find only stands that have been custom designed to hold a specific single set of heavy or adjustable dumbbells, or a storage rack that is mainly for weight plates with a single shelf for dumbbells.

Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set 230kg

Because the storage rack comes with the Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell set, this means it has been custom designed to hold and protect the dumbbells comfortably.

At either end of each shelf is a metal stop that prevents the dumbbells from rolling off the end and causing any injury.

The textured rubber coating on the shelves where the face of the dumbbell will rest protects the weights from any scratches, as well as stopping them from sliding around and damaging the rack.


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