Ultrasport Fold Up Weight Bench

Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench Review

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The Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench is designed to provide a selection of upper body exercise options, without taking up too much space.


Design features

Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a large amount of free space to dedicate to a home gym, it’s often useful to find fitness equipment that takes up as little space as possible.

The Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench does this using its folding design, allowing you to fold the back support section of the frame vertically when not in use.

The front stabilizer is wide enough to provide the extra support you need when bench pressing, with rubber end caps to prevent any movement or damage to floors.

Adjusting the height of the barbell supports is possible using a set of locking pins, to help cater for a wide range of user heights.

Dip bars have also been fitted to the rear of the barbell supports for you to include this effective upper body exercise in your chest workouts.


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Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Maximum total load: 200 kg (person including bar/discs)
  • Suitable for all long bars with 30/31 mm and 50/51 mm with min. inner grip width of 540 mm
  • Maximum weight load on rack: 150 kg
  • Sit-ups are possible thanks to the nylon retaining belt
  • Including dip-bar fixture



Upper body workouts

When combined with a good quality barbell and weight plate set, the Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench supports a variety of upper body exercises.

Although not as many as adjustable weights benches that also offer incline and decline settings, you can still perform decline sit ups and crunches in addition to the bench press and dips.


Product comparison

Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench

While the recommended retail price is closer to £150, popular shopping sites including Amazon will often have this bench on offer for closer to £72.

Whether you are buying a new weights bench, treadmill, or any item of fitness equipment, it’s always important to compare similarly priced products to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

In terms of the benches that are closest to the Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench, you will most likely be choosing between the Physionics HNTLB06, York B500, and the popular York Fitness Bench.

Although the York B500 is closest to the Ultrasport bench in terms of its folding design, the York bench also offers an incline position, as well as a leg developer.

With the York Fitness Bench, there isn’t the same space saving design, but you do have a much wider range of incline positions, from flat to 90 degrees. There’s also an extra thick cushion to make your workouts more comfortable.

Finally there’s the HNTLB06 bench by Physionics. Again this doesn’t have the folding design, but does feature a range of extra features. These include a 7-position back rest, curling station, and free-standing barbell support.

The weight limit for each of these benches is set at 200kg including user body weight, and the prices are all very similar.

It’s worth adding each of these to your shortlist if you are looking for a weights bench on a budget.


Customer reviews

While there aren’t a large number of reviews for the Ultrasport Fold-Up Weight Bench as for the York Fitness bench, it still maintains a high 4.5 star average rating on Amazon.


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