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Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center Review

The Ultrasport K1000 multi gym features a number of different cable and workout stations that can be used for a variety of both upper and lower body exercises.

With a weight stack of 48kg and both a high and low cable pulley, this multi gym has been designed to best suit beginner and intermediate levels of resistance workouts.

Upper body workouts

The main upper body exercises will usually be performed using either the high cable pulley or chest press arms.

While the Ultrasport K1000 does come with a lat pulldown bar attachment, a slight limitation on your training will be that the only available angles are at either end.

While this is perfect for wide lat pulldowns both in front and behind you, it would definitely be worth buying a separate lat pulldown bar with a camber in the middle.

This camber will usually be developed with some form of cross hatching for improved grip around the areas your hands will hold onto.

You can easily switch the wide lat pulldown bar with other cable attachments to target specific muscle groups

The camber helps position your elbows in a much more effective position for working upper back muscles on front pulldowns compared to being performed with a straight bar section.

This also makes it easier to get a better grip when performing tricep pushdowns.

While cambered pulldown bars are more effective, there are many variations of cable attachment that can be added for more exercises and variations.

This is another of the reasons why a multi gym is such a good purchase, particularly those that feature both a high and low cable pulley system such as the Ultrasport K1000.

Aside from the high cable that can be used for back, tricep and even weighted crunch exercises, you can also get a great chest workout.

The chest press / pec fly lever arms have been specially designed to include multiple handle angles to make chest presses just as easy to perform as pec flys.

Additional padding on the pec fly arms helps ensure the exercise is performed as comfortably as possible.

The low cable on the Ultrasport K1000 offers a similarly wide range of exercise possibilities when combined with various cable attachments.

If you don’t want to spend a long time looking around for a good set of attachments then the York Machine Bar Club Pack is certainly worth a look.

Bicep curls, upright rows, seated rows and side lateral raises are just a few of the exercises possible even with just a straight bar and single handle attachment.

The back rest and pec fly arms feature thick padding to make pec flys and chest presses more comfortable
Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center

Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center – Features Summary

  • The professional exercise equipment for use at home
  • Exercises the following muscle groups: legs / glutes / arms / chest / abs / back
  • Target oriented strength and endurance training, includes lat pull bar, curl bar, and foot straps
  • Incl. 48 kg weight set – easy to adjust

Lower body workouts

As with any good quality multi gym, there is a leg developer built into the front of the Ultrasport K1000.

This can be used from a seated position for working your quadriceps with leg extensions, or from a standing position with leg curls to target your hamstrings. One of the benefits of these exercises is that you don’t need a lot of weight to make the exercise effective.

Leg extensions can either be performed using one or two legs depending on how easy you find the full weight stack to lift. Performing standing hamstring curls will only allow you to focus the exercise on one leg at a time, usually while holding onto the padded back rest for stability.

How this compares to other multi gyms

There are really only two main negatives about this multi gym, one being that the weight stack could do with being a bit heavier and the other is the lack of adjustment possibilities.

Looking at the weight stack it does come in a little lighter than the reported resistance stack of others such as the Everlast Home Gym, which is also positioned in a similar price range.

While an adjustable leg developer, back rest and cable pulley height would be nice, these features are really only reserved for multi gyms at the top of the price range such as the Finnlo Autark 2500.

The Ultrasport K1000 multi gym features a number of different cable and workout stations that can be used for a variety of both upper and lower body exercises. With a weight stack of 48kg and both a high and low cable pulley, this multi gym has been designed to best…

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Overall Review Rating

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Buy the Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center

The Ultrasport K1000 Multi-Gym Center is a well built multi gym priced around the middle of the range, which still offers some great exercise possibilities.

Often the greatest limitation with any multi gym is the type of cable attachments it is supplied with.

While the Ultrasport K1000 is better than most by including the pulldown bar, curl bar and foot straps, if you want to really explore the exercises possible with the high and low pulleys you will probably need to buy a couple of additional cable attachments.

Product dimensions: 138cm (L) x 97cm (W) x 200cm (H)

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