Gorilla Sports Universal Weight Rack White

Universal Weight Rack by Gorilla Sports

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The Universal Weight Rack by Gorilla Sports is one of the best products available for storing a large number of weight plates, as well as a selection of barbells and dumbbells.

Starting with the base frame design it’s clear that this can take a serious amount of weight. The thickness of the main vertical supports as well as the brace sections that join these to the base supports add to the strength and stability.


Barbell storage

Although the rack is a fixed width, this has been designed so that you can have a large amount of space for storing different sized weight plates while still being able to store all lengths of barbell.

There are four rack positions on one side to store your barbells, which is more than enough for most home gyms. You may have one cambered bar for curls, a full 7ft long Olympic bar for deadlifts and 2 6ft bars for upright rows and other exercises.


Weight plate storage

Although the weight plate pegs are only on one side, you don’t need to worry about the rack being unevenly balanced and tipping over. The additional support braces are on the weight plate side to help take the strain of this extra weight.

Each one of the 7 weight pegs on the Universal Weight Rack has been designed to tilt upwards slightly. This means you can load weight plates closer to the end of the bars without worrying as much about the plates dropping off if you accidentally knock the rack putting dumbbells back.


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Universal Weight Rack White by Gorilla Sports – Features Summary


  • Professional storage unit for 30/31mm weight plates and bar
  • Reinforced stability thanks to solid rectangular steel tube frame
  • 7 plate holder bars can hold from 0.5Kg to 20Kg each
  • Plate holder bars are 20cm in length
  • Note: Bars and plates not included
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    Dumbbell storage with the Universal Weight Rack

    [one_half]Looking at the top platform, this is at a height that should make it easier for most people to lift the dumbbells off without having to crouch down too much. If you find this is too high then even with heavier weight plates on the pegs there is still room to store the dumbbells underneath the rack.

    Depending on the size of dumbbells you want to store on this top rack you should be able to fit between 3 and 4 sets relatively comfortably.

    There are rubber stops at the end of each side of the top dumbbell rest platform to help prevent the weights from rolling off either end.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Universal Weight Rack White[/one_half_last]





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