Body Sculpture Upper Body Workout Bar

Upper Body Workout Bar, Body Sculpture

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The Upper Body Workout Bar by Body Sculpture is the perfect training tool if you want an effective workout for your upper body, but have limited space for setting up exercise equipment.


Upper Body Workout Bar design features

Looking at the design it’s clear that comfort has been thought about in the placement of the padded sections of the bars. While this will mainly provide a more comfortable and better grip when performing exercises, there are also sections that are padded to protect the door frame and floor.

If you want to use the Upper Body Workout Bar from a door frame, the main section that keeps it from slipping down the frame is the block that rests on top of the opposite side of the door.

As well as this you also have the tension from your bodyweight pulling down on the bar causing the horizontal bar section to press against the door frame. The extra thick padded sections at either end prevent this from causing any damage to the door frame while also improving the stability.


Back workouts with pull up variations

Once attached to the door frame, you can use the Upper Body Workout Bar for a wide variety of pull up variations to work the entire upper and middle back.

The horizontal bar has padded grip sections for close grip chin ups and wide grip pull ups, while the curved bar sections can be used for pull ups with your palms facing.


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Upper Body Workout Bar by Body Sculpture – Features Summary


  • Body Sculpture multi-functional Body Gym
  • Can be used for: chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and dips
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Can be attached and detached in seconds, no drilling or fasteners required
  • Fits most door frames (24″ – 32″)
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Soft hand grips for comfort
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    Abdominal and Chest exercises

    Aside from the pull up variations for working your chest muscles, it’s also possible to work your chest and abdominal muscles.

    As well as hanging from the bar in an extended wide grip pull up position to perform hanging knee raises for working your lower abdominals, you can also use the Upper Body Workout Bar for sit ups.

    With the bar positioned at the base of a door frame, you can position the horizontal bar so that it is on one side of the door and you on the other.

    [one_half]With the curved bar sections pointing up, this then allows you to lock your toes under the horizontal bar and perform abdominal exercises such as crunches and full situps.

    With the Upper Body Workout Bar in a similar position you can also perform press ups. You can really choose from two main variations. One is to grip the padded sections at the end of the horizontal bar for a more conventional press up.[/one_half]
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    The other is to grip the inner padded sections of the horizontal bar, or even the curved bars to focus the workout more on your triceps when performing the push up.





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