V-Fit STB09 Herculean Folding Weights Bench

V-fit STB-09-4 Herculean Folding Weights Bench

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As well as the squat rack and main bench press features, the V-Fit STB-09-4, offered by Beny Sports in the UK, is a weights bench that is also supplied with a variety of attachments to provide you with even more workout options.

Combine this with the fact that the back support and frame can be folded away to be more space efficient and you start to see why this bench has proved so popular.

This product article takes a look at both of these features in more detail, as well explaining a few of the different workout possibilities to help you decide if this is the best choice to buy for your home gym.


V-fit STB-09-4 Weights Bench Review

Design features

The V-fit STB-09-4 Weights Bench also features a lat pulldown tower option for adding back exercises to your workouts

There are several main design features that come together to really make this bench stand out from others in this price range.

The first of these is the combination of separate support frames for both the bench press and the squat exercises. By having keeping these separate but still connected at key points in the frame, this prevents the need for altering the height of supports each time you switch between squats and bench presses.

Although the height of the bench press bar supports cannot be adjusted, the height of the squat rack barbell supports can. This is important as setting the correct starting height for squats is crucial for preventing injury and ensuring you can perform the exercise to the best of your ability.

Each of the bar supports also has two pre-drilled holes in the top. This is for threading a pin through if you need to keep the barbell locked in place while you change the weight, without fear of the bar becoming unbalanced.

The next major design feature is the V-Fit STB-09-4‘s ability to be folded flat. When not in use you can remove all attachments at the front of the bench, adjust the hand wheel underneath the support bar at the top of the back support and fold the bench to be vertical.

This is when the separate bench and squat supports also help due to their effectiveness at keeping this bench stable when folded.

The final major design feature is the interchangeable front attachments.


Additional attachments

The picture gallery shows all three of these attachments; the leg developer, the preacher curl pad and the lat pulldown tower.

Although the lat pulldown tower can’t be used with the same sorts of weights you might use in a commercial gym, this is still a useful addition for adding back exercises to your workouts.

Each of these attachments has been designed to either require free weight resistance (preacher curl) or to have weight plates loaded onto weight pegs.

The actual changing of these attachments is very simple, and you can even setup the V-Fit STB-09-4 without any attachment at all if you find it gets in the way of your bench pressing.


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V-fit STB-09-4 Weights Bench – Features Summary

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  • Combination 38mm & 33 mm Square Tubular Steel Main Frames with Chip Resistant Black / Gunmetal Grey Hammertone Epoxy Powder Coated Frame Finish
  • Cloth Backed, Deep Padded Vinyl Covered Seat and Backrest with Screen Printed V-fit Logo.
  • Flat and Three Additional Backrest Incline Angles
  • High Density Expanded Foam Grips and Leg Rollers
  • Exercise Modes: – Bench Press
  • Leg Extension – Locking – 3 Position Height Adjustment
  • Crunches / Sit-ups
  • Pec Dec – Removable
  • Weight Limits Barbell Stands 90kg (200kg including User Body Weight) – Leg Extension 35kg – Pec Dec 20kg – Lat Pulldown 40kg
  • Includes Lat Tower and Preacher attachment



Upper body workouts

V-fit STB-09-4 Herculean Folding Weights Bench

The V-Fit STB-09-4 is primarily designed around upper body workouts, with a couple of different attachments adding to the exercise possibilities.

Full chest workouts are possible with flat bench presses, incline bench presses and even flyes possible thanks to the pec fly arms attached to the main support frame. If you find these get in the way of your bench presses then these can again be removed.

For triceps you can set the bench in its flat position and perform close grip bench presses or even standing tricep extensions using the lat pulldown tower attachment.

Biceps can be worked effectively using the preacher curl pad, although you will need either a set of dumbbells or barbell (preferably cambered to reduce wrist strain) to perform the exercise.

Although ab workouts are limited to behind the neck weighted crunches with the lat pulldown cable for resistance, back workouts can be a bit more varied thanks to the different types of pulldowns that are possible.

Although only the ends of the lat pulldown bar are coated to help improve your grip, due to the weight limit for this attachment it shouldn’t be a problem to also perform close grip pulldowns as well.


Lower body workouts

With squats being arguably the most effective lower body exercise possible, the fact that the V-Fit STB-09-4 has a built in barbell supports for this exercise will help form the foundation of your lower body workouts.

The leg developer attachment then allows you to properly isolate both your quads (leg extensions) and your hamstrings (leg curls). It’s worth noting the weight limits of the barbell supports and leg developer though, as it may be that these don’t provide enough resistance for your current strength level.

If this is the case, then a more heavy duty bench system such as the Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench may be better suited to your home workouts.


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