VLK 2 Station Multi Gym

VLK 2 Station Multi-Gym Review

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The VLK 2 Station Multi Gym is a slightly different variation on the popular VLK 3 range of workout machines. The VLK 3 Multi Gym is also available in a 3 workout station that also features a leg press.

UPDATE June 2016

Model no longer available, we’ve found a highly recommended model that has exceptional user reviews and ratings. View the product details by clicking on the image below:

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Workout station 1 – Chest press

The main chest press arms can be adjusted to move through two different ranges of motion, either as a pressing movement or a pec dec style exercise.

The two different types of handle design have been added to offer you wider variety in how you perform the exercises, as well as helping to make sure the machine arms move through a range that is natural to your lifting style.

The VLK 2 Station Multi Gym also has a leg developer at the front of the chest press station.

[one_half]This can be used for either leg extensions when seated, or for hamstring curls when standing and facing towards the weight stack.

Low cable pulley

The low cable pulley at the front of the leg developer allows for the following exercises to be performed with just a straight bar attachment:
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  • Bicep curls
  • Bent over rows
  • Upright rows
  • Shrugs


If you were to buy additional attachments, such as single handles or an ankle wrap, then you can use this low cable to work almost every muscle group, from biceps in the curl exercises to outer thigh raises.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]VLK 2 Station Multi-Gym

Recommended Alternate Model

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VLK 2 Station Multi-Gym – Features Summary

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  • Main functions: Butterfly arms, chest press, pulldown bar providing front and back lat pulldowns, assisted crunches and triceps exercises. The lower pulley chain provides arm exercises, upright, seated or bent rowing exercises, many curls and shrugs.
  • Product Features: Heavy duty steel frame, Weight stack (included): 150 LBS (11 plates + 1 top plate) – with 221 LBS actual resistance due to the pulley arrangement, 1 additional Pull up station for leg raises and dips and 1 additional station with a Hydraulic Stepper.
  • Extended Features: Tough steel cables sheathed in plastic for extra protection, Chest press changed to butterfly function easily. Thick padding (completed with foam pads).



High cable pulley

The VLK 2 Station Multi Gym chest workout station also features a high cable pulley. Although this is primarily designed for lat pulldowns for developing your back muscles, you can switch attachments to use this for everything from tricep pushdowns to weighted abdominal crunches.

The high cable pulley directly above this also comes with a small set of hooks at the end of the support bar to support the lat pulldown bar when not in use.

Although the weight stack only has weight plates up to a combined weight of around 70kg, because of how the pulley system has been designed, this can actually create a resistance of up to 100kg, depending on the pulley station being used.


Workout station 2 – Hydraulic stepper and dip / pull up station

As well as the chest press station, the VLK 2 Station Multi Gym features a set of parallel dip bars combined with padded back and arm rests for performing ab exercises such as leg raises.

A hydraulic stepper under the dip bars also provides a calf / light cardio workout.


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