VLK 3 Station Multi Gym

VLK 3 Station Multi-Gym Review

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As well as some of the more standard exercise stations that are often built into multi gyms, the VLK 3 Station Multi Gym also features some more unique exercises.


Station 1 – Chest press

For the main chest press movement there is a padded seat and back rest positioned in front of the main weight stack. Each of the main arms has been designed with handles in two different positions, one vertical set and one horizontal.

The horizontal set can be used for the chest press exercises, while the vertical grips can be used more for pec dec movements depending on the area of the chest you want to focus on.

To place more emphasis on the inner chest doing the work rather than the biceps when performing the pec dec exercise, there is a large padded section on each of the arms. By resting your forearms against these and holding onto the frame just above this places a lot more of the work onto your inner chest doing the lifting.

[one_half]The back rest and seat for both the chest press and leg press stations on the VLK 3 Station Multi Gym have been designed at a slight angle to make the exercises more effective.

For example with the chest press, leaning back slightly makes the chest muscles take over more of the work compared to if the back rest was completely vertical which would involve more of the deltoid (shoulder) muscles.

This chest press station on the VLK 3 Station Multi Gym also features a pulldown bar.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]VLK 3 Station Multi-Gym[/one_half_last]

This can be used for variations of lat pulldown that can help add width and size to your back muscles as well as tricep pushdowns and assisted abdominal crunches.

The low pulley is positioned at the front of the chest press station just below the padded rollers. Despite the fact that the weight stack goes up to around 150lb, due to the number of cable pulleys between the weight stack and this low cable pulley, the maximum resistance is really much closer to 220lb.

The lower cable pulley provides multiple bicep and tricep exercises, seated or bent rowing exercises and many curl and shrug possibilities, and can be used with a range of attachments.


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[one_half_last]VLK 3 Station Multi-Gym[/one_half_last]


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VLK 3 Station Multi-Gym – Features Summary

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  • Main functions: The butterfly arms, chest press, The pulldown bar provides front and back lat pulldowns, assisted crunches and triceps exercises, The lower pulley chain provides arm exercises, upright, seated or bent rowing exercises, many curls and shrugs.
  • Product features: Heavy duty steel frame, Weight stack (included): 150LBS (11 plates + 1 top plate)-with 221LBS actual resistance due to the pulley arrangement.
  • Extended features: Tough steel cables sheathed in plastic for extra protection, Chest press changed to butterfly function easily. Thick padding (completed with foam pads).



Station 2 – Leg press

Where many multi gyms are designed with a leg extension at the front of the bench, the VLK 3 Station Multi Gym comes with a built in leg press station.

This again makes use of the main weight stack for its resistance, and can be used for a range of exercises including double and single leg presses and calf presses for a full lower body workout.


Station 3 – Hydraulic stepper, abdominal raises and dips

The final workout station offers something you won’t often see on a multi gym in the form of a hydraulic stepper.

There is also a set of parallel dip bars, with a padded back rest and arm rest sections for roman chair leg and knee raises to work your abdominal and oblique muscles.


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