We R Sports Folding Weights Bench

We R Sports Folding Weight Bench Review

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The We R Sports Folding Weight Bench has been designed to provide a way of including a number of different upper and lower body exercises in your workouts, while still keeping the price low.

This article takes a look at the bench in more detail, covering the design features, weight limits, and exercise options.


Design features

We R Sports Folding Weight Bench

When it comes to weightlifting and fitness, not everyone is looking to be the next Mr Olympia or world class powerlifter.

If you are starting your first fitness program and aren’t necessarily looking for a large, Olympic standard weights bench, then a smaller and lightweight design can often be exactly what you need.

The team at We R Sports have recognised this, and developed an incline version of their flat weights bench to provide a wider range of exercise options.

But with this lightweight and lower priced design, it’s worth remembering that there will be a number of limitations compared to the higher priced adjustable and leverage systems.

The first is the amount of weight it can take. With the limit set at a little over 90kg for the barbell supports and an overall limit for the bench of 180kg, this is considerably less than the 270kg capacity of benches such as the Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench.

The width of the bar supports is also a lot narrower, making them ideal for a 5ft bar but not for the full 7ft versions. This is worth bearing in mind if you already have, or are looking to buy a free weights set to accompany the We R Sports Folding bench.

Despite the weight limit, this bench does come with one more important feature in the form of its folding design.

If you are struggling to find time to workout at a commercial gym but don’t think you have the space for a home gym setup, a folding weights bench can really help make the best of the space you have.

Once folded away, the back support, seat, and pec fly arms are virtually flat, with only a small amount of additional space needed to accommodate the height of the leg developer.


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We R Sports Folding Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Combination 38mm & 33mm Square Tubular Steel Main Frame
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Solid construction
  • 180KG Capacity



Attachments and storage

The We R Sports Folding bench also features two useful attachments, in the form of the pec fly arms and a leg developer

In order to develop a well balanced physique and help avoid the possibility of any strength imbalances, it’s important to develop a well-rounded routine.

This includes a variety of exercises for each muscle group, training both the upper and lower body.

Although the We R Sports Folding bench is fairly limited in the lower body exercises available, the pec fly and leg developer attachments do help to add variety to your workouts.

The leg developer can be loaded with up to 25kg of weight plates to help isolate your quadriceps and hamstrings, while the pec fly arms can each be loaded with up to 20kg to focus more on developing the inner section of the chest.

Padded foam rollers have been added to cushion the weight against your arms and legs, with padded seat and back support sections to add an extra element of comfort to your workouts.


Exercise options

To get the most from the We R Sports Folding bench, it’s best to combine it with a simple free weights set that includes a 5ft standard barbell and variety of weight plates.

In terms of the number of weight plates, this really depends on your own personal strength, but with the 90kg limit on the barbell support and 25kg on the leg developer, anything between 100kg and 140kg is recommended.

With the bench setup and weight plates loaded, the following exercises are available:
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  • Incline bench press
  • Flat bench press
  • Leg extensions
  • Hamstring curls
  • Pec flys



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