Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench

Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench Review

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The Weider Pro 490 DC weight bench provides a range of features to help make your home workouts more effective, including a walk-in squat rack, leg developer, and preacher curl attachment.


Squat rack design

When looking for a new squat rack for use in your own home gym, three of the most important features to look for are stability, safety, and most likely the amount of space it takes up.

In terms of the Weider Pro 490 DC squat rack design, the dimensions have been kept as compact as possible to provide you with more space to perform other exercises such as free weights workouts.

[one_half]The width of the frame is approximately 4ft, with a height on the main vertical supports of 149cm. While this may be a comfortable height for many people, if you are much taller than this then it may be safer to look at buying a specifically designed power rack for squats instead.

A design such as the Bodymax CF375 for example has a height of 210cm, meaning you would be in a more comfortable position when unracking and racking the bar for squats.

If the height of the Weider Pro 490 DC barbell rack is not an issue, then the two sets of safety spotters will help ensure you can perform the exercises safely and effectively, even when working out without a spotter.

The shorter set has been designed to hold the bar in position before and after a set, while the longer spotter supports are designed to stop the bar from dropping below a certain point.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench

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Weider Pro 490 DC Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Detachable Multi-Position Weight Bench
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Uprights
  • Removable curl handles
  • Walk-in Squat Station, 6-Roll Leg Developer and a Rolled Preacher Pad
  • Safety Spotters
  • Olympic Leg Developer Weight Tube with Padded, 6-Foam Station
  • Max User Weight:136kg/300lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 140kg(310lbs) on the Barbell
  • Fits 7ft Bars
  • Warranty: 2 Yrs Parts/Labour (if Registered within 28 Days)



Weights bench design

Being provided with a weights bench that is free standing and not attached to the squat rack has several main advantages:
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  • More space for dumbbell exercises
  • Squat and overhead press variations are possible in the walk-in rack
  • Easier for storage
  • Better positioning of your body under the bar in bench presses for a more natural range of motion


As well as the variations of barbell bench press that are possible thanks to the different back support positions (decline, flat, incline), the Weider Pro 490 DC weight bench has also been fitted with two attachments for additional upper and lower body exercise options.

The preacher curl pad has been added to provide an extra exercise for working your biceps, with a set of handles built in to the leg developer to prevent the need to buy a cambered bar.

The leg developer provides two additional exercises to go with the squats that are possible using the rack. While the squat is more of a compound exercise and works multiple muscles, the leg extensions and leg curls possible with the leg developer will isolate your quadriceps and hamstrings.


Upper body workouts

With such a range of back support positions on the bench and the option of using the squat rack for supporting a barbell at different heights, there really is a wide range of exercise options for working your upper body.

When combined with a good quality barbell, dumbbell, and weight plate set, the following is a list of just a few of the possible exercises with the Weider Pro 490 DC weight bench:
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  • Back – Barbell rows, shrugs
  • Shoulders – Overhead press, seated side lateral raises
  • Chest – Decline bench press, incline bench press, flat bench press
  • Biceps – Preacher curl, seated concentration curls
  • Triceps – Lying dumbbell extensions, dumbbell kickbacks



Lower body workouts

With the options to perform the majority of major lower body exercises, the Weider Pro 490 DC weight bench also provides the option for effective lower body workouts.

When combined with a 7ft barbell, dumbbell set, and weight plate set, the following is a list of a few of the more effective lower body exercises that are possible:
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  • Calves – Standing calf raises
  • Quadriceps – Squats, leg extensions, lunges
  • Glutes – Lunges, squats
  • Hamstrings – Stiff legged deadlifts, leg curls



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