Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench

Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench Review

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UPDATE 2019: The Weider pro 550 multi gym has been outdated. An alternative, and similar product we would recommend is the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.


The Weider Pro 550 foldable weight bench provides a unique combination of features to benefit your home workouts, ranging from the lat pulldown tower to the fold away bench design.


Design features

Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench

If you are thinking about buying a new workout bench for your home gym, a quick look over a range of benches will show a wide range of possible attachments and useful features.

The Weider Pro 550 has been designed to combine each of these features in a single bench, including a foldable design for improved storage, and a lat pulldown attachment.

When folded down, you have the option of either using the bench as it is (without using any attachments) for exercises such as the incline bench press, or attach the lat pulldown tower or preacher curl pad for back and bicep workouts.

Although there are a small number of workout benches that also include a lat pulldown tower, the Weider Pro 550 includes a useful storage area which is something these other benches are missing.

The hand wheel positioned just in front of the seat can be loosened to replace or remove attachments and tightened again to hold them securely in position.

While the Weider Pro 550 offers a wide range of exercise options, these will all require some form of resistance in the form of either weight plates (for the lat pulldown) or a loaded barbell (for bench press).

With this particular bench being designed around the use of an Olympic sized barbell (7ft), any weight plates that you buy will also need to be Olympic standard (2 inch diameter central hole instead of 1 inch).


Bench positions and barbell supports

Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench

In terms of the different back support positions, there are 4 options to choose from, each marked out by slots built into the frame where a bar can slide between.

This makes it possible to quickly switch between decline, flat, or one of two different levels of incline. Removing the bar also helps create the space needed to fold up the bench.

A quick release pin positioned below the back support can be loosened to allow the bench to be folded up inside the rack.

One final design feature worth mentioning is the adjustable barbell supports. With 7 positions to choose from this helps to ensure the bar is always a comfortable distance from your chest before starting the exercise, which can be an issue with other lower priced benches.


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Weider Pro 550 Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Adjustable back range from incline, flat and decline pressing positions
  • Adjustable seat has 3 positions
  • Quick adjust pin for easy angle adjustment
  • Space saver design allows the bench to fold upwards for storage
  • Adjustable bar catchers
  • Lat pulldown & preacher pad included
  • Storage at the back for preacher pad or lat pulldown
  • Robust steel frame construction is stable and durable



Upper body workouts

Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench

With the preacher pad and lat pulldown tower provided, the Weider Pro 550 provides a few more exercise possibilities than most weights benches.

As well as the different variations of bench press (incline, decline and flat), there is also the option to perform lat pulldowns, preacher curls, dumbbell pullovers, and seated concentration curls depending on if you are combining the bench with a dumbbell set.

Although the lat pulldown tower is designed for performing variations of lat pulldowns, with a closer grip on the bar it’s also possible to perform standing tricep extensions with a resistance of up to 68kg.


Weider Pro 550 Foldable Weight Bench

Lower body workouts

While the Weider Pro 550 foldable weight bench does provide two effective isolation exercise options for working your leg muscles, if you want to perform squats then a power cage or specifically designed squat rack would probably be a safer option.

In terms of the isolation exercises that are possible using the leg developer at the front of the bench, you have the choice of either leg extensions (targets the quadriceps) or lying leg curls (targets hamstrings).


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