Authentic RDX Gel Weight Training Gloves

Authentic RDX Gel Weight Training Gloves

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Whether you train with kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, or cables, the Authentic RDX Gel Weight Training Gloves have been designed with a gel inner section to protect your hands at the same time as helping you lift more weight.


Grip design

[one_half]If your fitness routine involves resistance training with free weights or cable exercises several times a week, you can start to feel the effects on your hands.

This is particularly likely if you are gripping a barbell or dumbbells during some of the heavier compound exercises, like deadlifts or shrugs.

Anything that requires you to lift a heavy weight, or maintain a strong grip on the bar for an extended period can often lead to injuries if the bar starts to slip.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Authentic RDX Gel Weight Training Gloves[/one_half_last]

This is why a set of high quality gym gloves, such as the set produced by Authentic RDX can be so important.

Designed with an anatomically cut palm, this has been added to add some additional friction between your hands and the bar, without risking damage to your skin if the bar was to slip.

The finger tips have been left open to allow more freedom of movement when wearing the gloves, and to ensure your natural grip strength doesn’t suffer.

Even if you aren’t performing any of these heavy ‘pull’ type exercises in your current workout, they can also be used to add extra support to your bench press.

Where some sets are made from a very thin and lightweight material, the Authentic RDX Gel Training Gloves are made from high quality suede.

In terms of the extra support, this is provided by the wrist wrap that uses the combination of a velcro strap and d-ring to close the strap tightly, yet comfortably around your wrist.

Double stitching throughout ensures quality construction and durability, meaning you won’t be looking for another set every 6 months like with most lower priced sets.


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Authentic RDX Gel Weight Training Gloves – Features Summary



  • An anatomically cut palm with gel padding
  • Features a wrist wrap with d-ring dual Velcro closure
  • A panel is located between the thumb and forefinger for superior durability
  • Innovative curved finger design fits the natural shape of the hand
  • RDX advance technology makes amara leather gloves machine wash and dryable




How the gloves can benefit your workouts

Whether you are deadlifting, doing barbell rows, or dumbbell shrugs, you need your hands for almost every exercise. If you suffer an injury due to a bar slipping out of your grip, you may not be able to return to lift again for several weeks until you are fully recovered.

The easiest way to avoid this is to provide some form of coating between your hands and the bar. Liquid chalk and weightlifting straps are both excellent ways of improving your grip on the bar, but you hands are still in direct contact with the knurling (when using traditional free weights without rubber handles).

With a better grip on the bar, you should find that you can lift more weight across your entire workout. This is from the extra stabilization during presses and curls, and the extra friction between the leather of the glove and the bar during deadlifts and other ‘pull’ type movements.

Authentic RDX advance technology makes amara leather gloves machine wash and dryable, removing sweat and grime and making leather softer and more supple with each wash.


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