York B530 Heavy Duty Incline Decline Bench

York B530 Heavy Duty Incline and Decline Bench

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The York B530 Heavy Duty Bench has been designed to provide a stable and effective platform from which to perform a range of bench press variations as well as some basic lower body exercises.


Design features

The York B530 Heavy Duty bench features a 3 point base design and although the two vertical frame supports are spaced quite close together, the bench still remains very stable.

The base sections of these 3 points have each been extended well beyond the width of the vertical support bars to make sure the bench doesn’t move when you are performing exercises such as the bench press.

The shape of the bar supports has also been well thought out, with a shorter front lip section to make it easier to rack and unrack the bar. The back lip section is much taller in comparison and means you don’t have to worry so much about racking the bar after a set of bench presses.

Just slowly move the bar back until it touches against this back lip and the bar will slide securely into a resting position.


Adjustability and bar supports

York B530 Heavy Duty Incline and Decline Bench

An important design feature to look for on any weights bench is how adjustable it is. Where possible it is certainly beneficial to look for a bench that has a decline setting. The York B530 has this decline setting, as well as 2 incline settings and a flat position.

The angle of the bench can be adjusted very quickly to reduce rest time between incline and flat bench presses if needed thanks to the clever support bar design.

All it takes is to lift the back support, slide the support bar into the desired height slots and lower the back rest onto the support bar.

To make sure the bar is in the best starting position no matter if you are decline or incline benching, each of the vertical bar supports is fully height adjustable. Once you find the best height setting for your variation of bench presses you can lock the bars in place with one of the metal pins provided.

The final area of the York B530 bench that can be adjusted is the seat angle. While flat may be perfect for flat and incline bench presses, when in a decline position it’s more comfortable on your lower back to increase the angle of the seat. There are 3 settings to make sure you find the best angle for your height and style of lifting.

To ensure your workouts are as comfortable as possible, both the seat and the back rest have been well padded.


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York B530 Heavy Duty Bench – Features Summary

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  • Types of materials used: Metal, wood and plastic
  • Well constructed bench with 2 heavy duty uprights
  • 4 position adjustable backrest (incline to decline)
  • 3 position height adjustable seat
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty



Lower body workouts

If you are thinking about buying a new workout bench but have a limited space, it’s important to find a design that lets you perform a range of exercises for different muscle groups.

The York B530 helps to meet this requirement by including a leg developer at the front of the bench.

As there is no weight tower, the resistance for the lower body exercises is created by loading weight plates onto the weight plate peg at the front of the leg developer.

By sitting on the bench and sliding your feet under the lower set of padded foam rollers you can then perform leg extensions. This will mainly target your quadriceps (front of your thigh).

You can also isolate your hamstrings and glutes by lying flat on the bench and hooking the back of your feet under the higher foam rollers to perform hamstring curls.

The total resistance for this leg developer is really only limited by the amount of weight plates you can load on, but should comfortably hold 40kg+.


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