York DB4 Dumbbell Bench

York DB4 Dumbbell Bench Review

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The York DB4 dumbbell bench is designed to be an effective platform from which to perform a wide range of exercises and variations. This includes two sets of padded foam rollers to keep you on the bench in a decline position, and a variety of seat and back support positions to choose from.


Bench design features

[one_half]One of the most important design features of any weights bench is its range of adjustable positions.

York are a fitness company renowned for creating weights benches with a wide variety of back support and seat positions, producing popular workout benches such as the York 13-in-1 and the York DB4 dumbbell bench.

This particular design has the added benefit of the padded foam rollers to keep your body from sliding on the bench when performing exercises from one of the decline positions.

Rather than just the decline dumbbell fly and decline bench press exercises, you are also able to effectively work your abdominals and obliques.

The back support itself is easily adjustable from decline through to nearly vertical to provide a wide variety of exercise options when combined with a high quality dumbbell and weight plates set.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]York DB4 Dumbbell Bench

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A simple locking pin slides into place through the main frame and bars hanging down from the back support. This helps to maintain the stability and strength when working out.


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York DB4 Dumbbell Bench – Features Summary

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  • Multi function bench with a multi position padded backrest.
  • Provides 36 incline/decline angles.
  • Converts into a sturdy ABDO sit up bench
  • Knee and ankle foam rollers
  • Exercise guide
  • Dimensions: 127 cm (L) x 46 cm (W) x 124 cm (H)
  • Maximum User Combined Weight: 200kg



Possible exercises (when combined with weights set)

Although the York DB4 dumbbell bench isn’t provided with a weights set, this is fairly standard of weights benches due to many people already having purchased dumbbell or barbell sets before the bench.

Due to the very competitive price (usually available for approx. £45), you should still be able to combine the York DB with a simple, high quality dumbbell set for well under £100.

When combined with a set of dumbbells, the following exercises are possible:
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  • Decline sit ups (Abs)
  • Decline oblique crunches (Obliques)
  • Dumbbell bench press (Chest, shoulders, triceps)
  • Pec flys (Chest, biceps)
  • Pullovers (Lats, chest)
  • Lying tricep extensions (Triceps)

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  • Incline dumbbell curls (Biceps)
  • Seated hammer curls (Biceps, brachialis)
  • Seated side lateral raises (Shoulders)
  • Seated shoulder press (Shoulders)
  • Dumbbell rows (Back)
  • Seated shrugs (Traps)



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