York G201 Vertical Multigym

York G201 Vertical Multi Gym Review

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The York G201 Vertical MultiGym is a high quality piece of home workout equipment that will provide you with exercise possibilities to work all major muscle groups.

One of the main differences you will notice with the design of the seat positioning compared to other multi gyms, is that it is not vertical.


Why the angle of the seat is important

[one_half]This angle is actually highly beneficial to exercises such as the leg extension and lat pulldown. Taking the lat pulldown as an example, whereas many people will sit upright to perform the exercise and bring the bar down close to their body, this puts a lot more work on the biceps.

To transfer the weight onto the back muscles it is best to lean back slightly and keep your chest lifted up. By then bringing the bar down to your chest and contracting your back muscles, the position of the York G201 seat and back rest will make sure you get a more effective back workout.

If you are looking to perform leg extensions using the leg developer, then the seat being at an angle will also benefit you. There is now a greater range of motion that your leg has to move through between the resting position and full extension.[/one_half]
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York G201 Vertical Multigym – Features Summary

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  • Separate Pec and arms mean you can perform each exercise without leaving your seat – no need for fiddly mechanism changes
  • Solid heavy duty construction
  • Well padded upholstery for extra comfort
  • Seated bench press
  • Removable arm curl pad with 2 position height adjustment
  • Lat pull down/high pulley
  • Seated row/low pulley
  • Seated leg developer with locking mechanism
  • Translucent weight stack shroud
  • Max user weight 125kg
  • 100kg weight stack



Chest workouts with the York G201 Vertical MultiGym

For chest workouts, the York G201 Vertical MultiGym has two main features. The first is the set of levers for performing chest presses. This is an effective exercise for overall chest development, while the second feature is the pec fly arms.

The pec dec exercise is designed to focus on the area of the inner chest that is usually considered the hardest to develop using conventional pressing style exercises.


Low cable pulley and cable attachments

[one_half]As well as the high cable pulley for tricep extensions, seated ab crunches and pulldowns, the York G201 comes with a low cable pulley.

This can be used for a variety of exercises including bicep curls and upright rows depending on the cable attachment used. Supplier with this machine are the wide pulldown bar, shorter straight bar and the ankle attachment.

The York G201 Vertical Multigym also features a removable preacher curl pad above the leg developer for performing variations of bicep preacher curls.

This exercise will be best performed with dumbbells as single arm curls due to the lack of a rack for resting the barbell on if you were performing cambered bar preacher curls.[/one_half]
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