1500 Calorie Diet

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Although diet fads come and go, they do use some basic principles that are effective for weight loss such as consuming lesser calories and burning more. It is on this principle that the 1,500 calorie diet is based on. When you eat only 1,500 calories worth of food per day, you have enough energy for your daily needs and your body burns excess fats to sustain your energy.

Guide to the 1,500 calorie diet:

– Benefits of this diet

A diet like this does not produce instant results but it will lead to a loss of at least 1 or 2 lbs. a week. This is generally safer and will not produce drastic effects in your body which might be dangerous to your health especially for beginners who want to become fit but are also troubled by health conditions. This kind of diet plan is easier to maintain and more flexible as well. As long as you stick to the food groups recommended on the list, you can make some adjustments to the plan in order to suit your eating preferences. This makes this diet more effective for long term weight loss.

– How do you lose weight with this plan?

Your meal plan per day will consist of different type of foods that will only total 1,500 calories in an entire day. You will be eating three meals, plus you have the option to also enjoy a couple of snacks. Depending on your eating habits and lifestyle, at 1,500 calories, you will still be eating enough to keep you satisfied. Also, your body will still get the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Eating more than 1,500 calories, however, will not produce any weight loss results and might even make you gain weight.

– Who is this diet for?

This diet program is recommended for moderately fit women who would like to lose more pounds. As for men, if you exercise from time to time and need to lose more weight, this program is also an excellent option for you. Older men whose exercise options are limited may also use this diet plan to compensate for lesser physical activity but still achieve their ideal weight. Another advantage of this diet plan is that it’s easy enough to follow for those who have a largely inactive lifestyle but would like to change their diet for them to gradually reach their optimal weight.

– What is the role of exercise in this diet program?

Making exercise or physical activity a habit is always a great idea for keeping your body healthy. This diet plan will still aid you in losing weight even without changing your daily physical routine. However, if you want to lose more weight in lesser time, you should incorporate training and exercise into your overall weight loss program.

Here are some of the best meal plan suggestions:

Meal Plan 1:

For breakfast, have half a cup of oatmeal with fruits like a banana or berries. For your lunch, you can make a sandwich using whole wheat bread, a couple of tomatoes, an avocado to make it more filling, and several leaves of lettuce. You can even include any sauce you like. Fruits like a piece of apple or yogurt are good snack options. When it comes to dinner, you can have a half a cup of brown rice and your choice of two or three vegetables like broccoli and beans, and a side dish of salsa.

Meal Plan 2:

You can have a variation of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Use one egg plus three or four egg whites on a non-stick pan. A side dish of salsa and a cup of melon will complete this meal. For lunch, you can have a stir-fried dish using vegetables and tofu instead of meat. You may also pair this with half a cup of brown rice, and a slice of mango of dessert. Your snack options, meanwhile, can be an orange and hummus with carrots. For dinner, try making a salad with half a cup of quinoa, two cups of vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes, lettuce and about a cup of shrimp.

Meal Plan 3:

Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, you can have half a cup of any whole grain cereal with half a cup of skim milk and a banana. For lunch, have a sandwich of whole grain bread topped with about 90g of roast beef, spinach or lettuce leaves, a quarter of a cup of carrots and a light sauce. Your snacks can be a cup of yogurt with berries and half a cup of unsalted nuts. For dinner, have approximately 150g of salmon together with a baked sweet potato and grilled asparagus for a side dish.

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