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Top 11 DIY Leg Toning Exercises For Home

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If you want to tone your legs and lose weight, here are 11 great leg workout exercises that are doable whether you are at the gym or even at home.

1. Forward Leg Lift – targets the upper leg

Put your back and pin it against the chair, banister, ballet barre, stairway or kitchen counter. Just make sure to find your balance. Extend one leg, lower, lift while your toes are pointed. Switch legs. Do it for 20 times.

2. One Arm Kettlebell Swing –works the thigh area

Get a kettlebell and grab it in an overhand stance. Put it in your waist’s midsection and arm’s arm length. Bend your hips and knees until a 45 degree angle stance is formed. Thrust your hips while keeping the arms straight, swing the kettlebell. Swing the ball and straighten your knees going to the chest area as you move to a standing position. Do it for 20 times by 3 sets.
Do this exercise using two hands, meaning hold the kettlebell using both hands.

3. Calf Raise with Barbell Back Squat – targets calf muscles and thighs

Put the bar on your traps behind your neck while making sure that the both of your hand’s thumb is on the grip bar. Be in a shoulder width position. Squat until you reach the bottom and push the knees out until a standing position is reached. Raise the balls of your feet while you contract your calves. Go back to the original position. Do it for 20 times by 3 sets.

4. Leg Rolls

Lie on the right side of your body and put your left arm on the floor so that you can support yourself and maintain balance. Raise the right leg at a hip level. Imagine that your right leg is in a barrel. Trace it using your toes. Do it for 60 times and switch legs.

5. Lateral Lunge Slide – targets the calf muscles, hamstrings, outer and inner thighs

Put both of your feet together and stretch your arms in front of the chest area as you stand. Put the balls of your right foot on a disc, plate or towel. Slide the left foot to your side as you go towards your right leg. Put both of your heels on the floor, toes facing forward, chest up and back straight. The leg that moves should be fully extended and the leg that is not moving should be parallel to the ground with the knee at the end of the exercise. Do it for 20 times and switch sides.

6. Stiff Leg Dead Lift – targets hamstrings and lower back

Stand with your knees bended slightly, feet and shoulder width apart. Hold a 5lb dumbbell or whatever you can carry. Place it on top of your thighs. Heads up, hips back, shoulders back as you inhale. Put your weight on your heels. Slide the dumbbells from your thighs downwards while lowering your body. Go back to the starting position. Do it for 20 times by 3 sets.

7. Rotation Lunge – targets abdominals and thighs

Stretch your arms while in a feet hip width apart position. Put your left foot in a lunge position and bend your knees. Rotate your arms and torso over the dominating leg. Rotate back and stand up. Return to a neutral position. Repeat the movement using your right leg. Do it 20 times and switch.

8. Glute Bridge – targets buttocks

Get a mat and lie on it, your back facing the mat. Bend the knee and put it your feet facing flat on the floor. Slowly keep the abdominals engage while you are pulling your core. Lift your hips up to the ceiling while using your heels to help you be stable. Go back to the original position. Repeat 60 times by 3 sets.

9. Cardio Workout – targets the whole body

You can get lean legs faster when you incorporate cardio into your workout routine. Get your lungs and legs pumping and target at least 20 minutes. Choose from walking, running and cycling that will need your legs to move and work. Workouts such as skating, dancing and kickboxing will quickly help you torch fat.

10. Snowboarder’s Jump – targets upper legs

Place your legs on the floor, hip legs width apart, back straight, lower your seat and put your hands on the ground using just one arm. Land on the other side while jumping 180 degrees. Jump again and repeat. Do it for 20 times.

11. Sumo Squat – targets upper leg

Hold a dumbbell using both your hands. Make sure that your feet is double hip width apart. Turn in your toes between 40 to 85 degrees. Drop your hips and make it a note that your spine is neutral. Lower your body until the upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Squeeze the glutes while extending the legs while going back to the neutral position. Do it for 20 times by 3.

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