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Top 5 Weight Cutting Tips

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With several cuts under my belt for both competitive wrestling, and aesthetic reasons – I come to you with this list weight cutting tips. It’s possible not all of these tips are applicable to you but if you can take away a few points that can make your cut easier and more successful, then, I’ll be satisfied.

5 Weight Cutting Tips

1. Make a realistic plan and stick to it

Losing extreme amounts of weight in short amounts of time is not realistic or sustainable and often results in gaining all the weight back quickly shortly afterwards. Likewise, you should take a reasonable approach to weight loss and cutting so that you’re not cutting forever (and get back to bulking :D).

A more realistic plan is losing a few pounds a week. This means you won’t be crash dieting which can be sustained for long amounts of time – at least long enough for your cut. The more weight you have to lose the more aggressive calorie deficit you will become.

Sticking to your plan and consistency is the most important thing when it comes to both gaining and losing weight as you need to consume the appropriate amount of calories daily and maybe more importantly–weekly.

2. Allow planned cheats

Don’t go insane with just eating chicken breast and broccoli for 8 weeks straight. Plan cheat meals and allow yourself a bit of freedom because, as I mentioned above, it’s important to count calories for the day. However, maybe a better measure is for the week.

Here’s the catch: Taking in 1500 calories per day for 7 days is just the same as consuming 1500 calories in 2 days, 2000 calories in one day, or 1250 calories in 2 days altogether.

For a weekly allowance, there’s a bit of wiggle room to fit in higher calorie foods on specific days; maybe even workout days to be more specific.

3. Eat foods you enjoy

Cutting doesn’t mean you have to eat crappy food, so, get creative–use good spices and seasonings, cook dishes that you want to eat and look forward to eating. That would make eating more exciting.

4. Make exercise as fun as possible

If exercise isn’t fun for you – be it cardio or weightlifting, then, you’re going to have a bad time. It’s best to find an activity that you don’t just tolerate. If you have fun while doing it, you’re more likely to make positive lifestyle changes and can sustain them for the entire duration of your life rather than just losing some pounds for a specific goal or occasion.

5. Use the tools available to make that cut

  • Meal Prep – Meal prep is an absolutely essential tactic that allows you to pre-plan your food and makes counting calories and macros a breeze. You can prepare it all at once and simply divide it in many ways. Investing in a good set of meal prep containers is also important so you can store all of it and make it easier for you to tote around
  • Calorie counting apps – Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can eyeball it and get away with it; you need to count calories at least in the beginning. Myfitnesspal is my favorite app for this purpose.
  • A scale – Having a quality scale is essential in tracking your weight. I usually weigh myself around once a week so as not to drive myself crazy over daily fluctuations. Weigh yourself at the same time and in similar conditions to get the most accurate results.

Hopefully, these weight cutting tips can help you out and make you take away some good info. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other tips that really worked for you on cutting that you want to share!


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