Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym

Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym Review

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With an ergonomically designed pressing arm, 3 cable pulleys, and a variety of upgrades available, the Life Fitness G4 Multi gym provides a wide range of both upper and lower body exercise options.

Design features

One of the main reasons for commercial gyms being so popular is their wide range of cable machines. From lat pulldowns to chest press stations, these cable machines allow you to isolate almost every muscle group.

The goal behind the Life Fitness G4 multi gym is to combine a wide range of these machines into a single setup, available to buy and setup in your own home gym.

While lower priced designs are available from brands such as Physionics, these are often much more limited in both the total weight in the stack and the range of exercises they offer.

Although the G4 exercise options are mainly focussed towards working your upper body, the leg developer still allows you to isolate both your quads and hamstrings.

Chest and shoulder press function

The most interesting and beneficial feature of the Life Fitness G4 is undoubtedly the main pressing arm.

Rather than limiting you to just one range of motion, with a quick adjustment of the locking pin you can slide the arm through 7 different positions.

These range from the straightforward chest press, through a range of incline settings and up to a shoulder press position. As your body and grip will need to be in a different position to perform these exercises effectively, Life Fitness have included 2 sets of handles and 3 possible grip positions.

The seat has also been designed to keep you at a level that best suits your height and natural range of pressing motion, with a simple hand wheel used to lock the seat at different height positions.

With 160 lb of weight in the stack, this will be cause your back and shoulders to be pressed into the back support as you complete your reps and sets.

Life Fitness G4 Multi gym

To ensure you are as comfortable as possible, the back support and seat have been designed to include extra thick padding. There’s even a contoured back section to provide additional support and protection to your lower back.

While the chest press will help to develop overall strength and size in your chest, triceps, and shoulders, the Life Fitness G4 also features a set of pec fly arms.

This makes it possible to perform pec flys, an exercise that isolates your chest and helps to target the often hard to develop inner chest.

Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym Review

Features Summary

  • Adjustable back pad enables shoulder: flat and five incline presses
  • Includes extended arm pec fly/rear deltoid and mid-pulley
  • Pec fly cams ensure consistent resistance throughout the range of motion
  • Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body’s natural path of motion
  • Easy to adjust from exercise to exercise
  • Space-efficient design ideal for small places in your home
  • Included accessories: Revolving lat bar, revolving low row bar, ab/triceps strap, ankle strap
  • 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack
  • Weight stack shrouds
  • Optional accessories: Leg press/calf raise and 50-lb. (23 kg)

High cable pulley exercise options

With the pressing arm and pec fly being two effective options for working your chest and shoulders, the high cable pulley allows you to include a range of back and tricep exercises in your workouts.

To help create as many exercise options as possible from your very first workout, the Life Fitness G4 also includes a variety of cable attachments.

This includes a wide lat pulldown bar, straight bar for low rows and curls, ab strap, and ankle strap.

With the main pressing arm out of the way, the lat pulldown bar alone allows you to get an effective upper back workout.

The following list is just a sample of the wide range of exercise options that are possible using just the high pulley:

  • Face pulls
  • Wide lat pulldown (behind the neck)
  • Underhand close grip pulldown
  • Unilateral high cable fly
  • Overhand tricep pushdowns
  • Tricep pulldowns
  • One arm high curls
  • Overhead tricep extensions

Low cable pulley exercise options

So the main pressing arm works your chest and shoulders, with the high pulley working your back and triceps, but what about your abs, legs, and biceps?

The leg developer features 2 sets of padded foam rollers, positioned to cushion the frame against your calves and hamstrings and keep you comfortable through the exercise.

Although leg extensions and hamstring curls are the main exercises available for your lower body on the standard model, there is also an upgraded version of the Life Fitness G4 which includes a leg press.

You can even buy an additional 50 lb weight stack expansion if you find the 160 lb isn’t heavy enough to challenge you in your future workouts.

The following list is a selection of a few of the exercises possible with the leg developer and low cable pulley:

  • Bicep curls
  • Seated rows
  • Upright rows
  • Hammer cable curls
  • Cable leg lunges
  • Leg extensions
  • Hamstring curls
  • Side lateral raises
  • Low cable hip abduction
  • Cable leg pull-ins

Mid range cable pulley

Ideally positioned for a variety of abdominal and core exercises, the Life Fitness G4 also includes a mid range cable pulley. Although the height of the pulley isn’t adjustable, you can change the height of the seat to put yourself in the perfect position to perform seated ab crunches.

Cable “wood choppers” to target your obliques and intercostals, and rotator cuff exercises to prevent injury on the chest press are two other effective uses for the mid range pulley.

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Life Fitness G4 Multi Gym

With the wide range of pressing angles and cable pulleys at 3 key positions, the Life Fitness G4 Multi gym combines many of the most effective cable machines to make an excellent addition to any home gym.

The ergonomic design and extra thick padding ensures you are kept comfortable and injury free throughout your workouts.

The only real downside is the lack of leg exercises and medium range weight stack. Fortunately Life Fitness have addressed this with a separate leg station option, as well as the option to increase the weight stack by an additional 50 lbs.

Product dimensions: 203cm (L) x 127cm (W) x 211cm (H)
Warranty: Limited lifetime on frames, welds and parts. 3 years on upholstery, pads and cables.

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Multi Gym.

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